Creamy White Cold Brew

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They've been in the cold brew scene for awhile now & even with their repackaged look, @oldhencoffee still remains consistent in serving up delish cold brews.

Ranging from your usual white/black cold brew, they also have mocha, chocolate, matcha and oat white.

For their white, flavour profile wise is creamy, nutty and smooth to drink, exactly as the description states. An easy option for both coffee lovers & non-coffee lovers alike. For their black, it's light & fruity, making it really easy to drink.

Need fuel for a tough week ahead? Old Hen cold brews are light, creamy (those with milk) and you can smell the coffee aroma. Coffee wise it is relatively strong while not being too acidic.

Its been a long long time ever since I made my last visit to Old Hen Coffee โ€” the last time being even before this thing called โ€œCOVID-19โ€ actually existed; definitely miss those times where one could head out without actually wearing a mask, and it feels like this โ€œnew normโ€ has already been this way for a while.

Having seen Old Hen Coffee Barโ€™s updated menu via their social media pages, I was really attracted to the Brownie Affogato โ€” a relatively new item being introduced to the menu (at least to me) that is exclusively available at Old Hen Coffee Bar (i.e. their original space at 88 Rangoon Road). Those whom have been following my Instagram feed for a while may have come across the โ€œBittersweetโ€ from Percolate, and the same conceptual ideas have brought upon the Brownie Affogato here at Old Hen Coffee Bar โ€” brownie, served with a scoop of Vanilla ice-cream over the top, and with a shot of espresso served on the side to be poured atop the scoop of Vanilla ice-cream for maximum enjoyment.

There is something about how simple this dessert may be in terms of its set up, but takes into consideration more details than one might think. The brownie here comes all fudgy; served warm, its rich, dense and chocolatey โ€” glad how this does not burn the throat and is nowhere near being heaty. The Vanilla ice-cream is where the details lie; considering it has to be served atop a warm slab of brownie, and also doused with warm espresso atop, the ice-cream has to be served chilled, and should not melt too easily to end up in a mosh due to the warm elements around it โ€” the Vanilla ice-cream here stays true to those concerns, and holds much of its integrity down to the last morsel whilst slowly infusing itself into the espresso as it gently melts to the heat of the surrounding elements and climate. With that, the flavours of all the elements in the Brownie Affogato melds into one; the bittersweetness of the brownie along with a slight hint of saltishness from the sea salt, the aromatic vanilla beans of the smooth and creamy Vanilla ice-cream, and the roasty, earthy notes of the espresso shot comes together as one โ€” almost akin to having a brownie with ice-cream and a cuppa on the side.

Being the first specialty cafe to have launched bottled cold brews, Old Hen Coffee Bar has since become an established name in the local coffee scene. Whilst they have expanded their operations into Old Hen Kitchen several years ago, Old Hen Coffee Bar has always been seen as a more down-to-earth establishment with its more earnest food offerings that does away with the fussy fusion elements in cafe offerings of the modern day coffeehouse. No doubt the food offered may not be quite as adventurous or even interesting as some may say, but Old Hen Coffee Bar is a spot I would return to when looking for a safe option that I know I would leave satisfied.

Iโ€™m a little bit (very) late to the hype but Iโ€™ve finally got to try these cold brews that everyone talked about. And they didnโ€™t disappoint!

Both drinks were creamy goodness - the cold brew white definitely stole the show with the right balance of milk and coffee and the right level of sweetness. The matcha milk tasted ordinary, but still good.

The bottles looked a little tiny but itโ€™s actually 330ml which is an alright amount for an afternoon drink. We managed to get the window seats so we could sip our drinks while people watching. :)

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Cold Brew Coffee (Black) (S$6.50/ 330ml)
Cold Matcha Milk (S$7.50/ 330ml)
Cherry Plum Kombucha (S$8/ 330ml)
Available at @oldhencoffee

Note ๐Ÿ“ : Free Delivery with minimum S$150.
10% off for Above S$200
15% off for above S$350

Circuit breaker really got my body clock warpedโ€” hence the increased consumption of ๐˜พ๐™ค๐™ก๐™™ ๐˜ฝ๐™ง๐™š๐™ฌ๐™จ (~$7) . This was a short tasting coffee, with the transition from different flavours taking place rather quickly.
The coffee flavour fell into a silky milky one fast, and it left a rather creamy coating in my mouth. Whilst I felt it was a tad too milky for my liking, I appreciated the smooth body of this brew.๐Ÿ˜Œ

Ig @goodfomood

Both drinks were very fragrant and not too sweet. I really enjoyed both and will definitely revisit!!

I like how they bottle their own brews in-house, their creamy matcha milk with powder from Kyoto, and their cold brew coffee. Learnt that lotsa effort goes into a cuppa cold brew. While creamy and not too sweet, i wish for a longer aftertaste.

Good place to zone out in the midst of coffee brewing buzz and soft music. ($7.50 for matcha, $6 for coffee)

A walk away from farrer park MRT

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One of my favourite cafe for coffee, and their cold brew white is my go-to drink to seek temporary respite from the unrelenting heat. More milky than other similar cold brew, itโ€™s very easy to drink and tastes so refreshing and light on the palate. Made in-house, the freshness is also guarantee. The cafe has also a very chillax, unpretentious vibe to it which makes it a nice place just to hang out and relax.

Price: $6.50


AND the brownie ($4) is decadent and chocolatey. It is a great complement to the bitter and fruity black cold brew ($6).