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Pepper Agave Latte

$7.50 · 30 Reviews

we tried @thecoffeeacademics to kickstart our first burpple buddy food review!!

taste: 3.5/5
ambience: 3.5/5
service: 3.5/5
value: 3/5

come back again? yes w burpple beyond

the academics breakfast ($27.82)- didnt know why the reviews said it wasnt good. really liked the texture and taste of the sourdough bread it felt fresh?? q generous w the truffle which is a plus point. mushrooms were good too. everything else is just uhm basic lor nothing fantastic. the sausage was tough

lemon ricotta pancakes ($19.26) - pancakes were very dry without any of the accompanying condiments; the maple syrup they provided had a tinge of lemon that went well with the lemon in the pancake better, cream was the best accompaniment to the pancakes!

pepper agave latte ($6.42)- u know u go kopitiam order soft boiled eggs then u add pepper right imagine that but in coffee form. the pepper damn gao, cant taste the sweetness of the agave and the coffee was too acidic for my taste.

manuka coffee ($6.42)- the honey was drizzled on top of the coffee, when mixed the flavour of the honey was very fragrant and apparent

Pepperoni pizza with thin crust.

We had the spicy crab meat pasta ($24) and Truffle Portobello Pizza ($24). The pasta was overcooked, crabmeat had some shells in them and the sauce was full of pepper & tasted like cheap sauce. The pizza was tasty, however the crust was almost burnt and really hard. Ambience was great but the mains aren’t worth the price. On top of the subpar food, the service charge was based on the original price of the bill although we used Burpple 1-for-1. May return again but not for their mains and definitely not at it’s full price.

Rich and creamy latte with a deep flavour. The ground black pepper adds an interesting kick to the coffee which can be overpowering to some. It was a good coffee to start the day nonetheless!

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Not the savory kind of taste but it’s fragrance made the coffee more pungent

Good coffee and beautiful interiors for a leisurely afternoon. Sip on the Pepper Agave latte ($7.50) with a kick from freshly ground black pepper, and fill the tummy with an Angus Beef Cheesy Burger and the Umami Pasta (or any 2 mains of your choice) for the price of 1.
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Photo by Burppler Fiona Ting


Beetroot and potato rosti with luxurious smoked salmon served with refreshing mango tzatziki, topped with sous vide egg and ikura.

Listed by BuzzFeed as “25 Coffee Shops Around The World You Have to See Before You Die”, @thecoffeeacademics is a purveyor and roaster of specialty coffee since 2012, expanding globally from Hong Kong to China and Singapore.

For the featured all-day breakfast dish, there was nothing much to shout about in terms of the flavour and texture. However, for their signature coffees, the Pepper Agave (Latte with natural raw agave nectar from Mexico and ground black pepper) was actually pretty delightful with that slight kick of spiciness.
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Enjoyed the surprisingly good combo of nachos with chili beef con carne, jalapeños, bell peppers, olives and topped with honey lemon avocado sauce. The fried chicken and squid ink egglet combo could do better if the egglet had more of its own flavour- only the Dijon honey sauce on it was an interesting touch but overall not impressive. Would just go for the beef tacos!

Le Salmon! features a beetroot rosti which is honestly just a red hashbrown! picture worthy &nothing bad about this dish. would strongly recommend the Umami Pasta! burst of flavours &fragrance.
Mains are really affordable with Burpple Beyond!
Not to forget, do try the special and good Pepper Agave coffee.

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A pretty good latte, smooth and robust, infused with agave nectar / syrup, and sprinkled with black pepper.
Bold roasted notes, layered with the sweet spicy flavours. Never knew that pepper pairs so well with coffee.
The Coffee Academics
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