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Shiomaru Motoaji

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The broth is so bland and the char siew is so thin, almost like biting paper. If Ippudo noodle combine with Santouka broth, that will be the best.
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Featuring the ramen from the new Ippudo outlet at Star Vista that just opened today! We tried the Shiromaru Motoaji and Bonito Tonkutsu ramen. I preferred the former, because the broth was much lighter than the latter. However, the latter’s broth was quite interesting because the bonito taste was so strong, and there was a yuzu pepper paste to go along with it as well. All in all, the ramen was alright. Less salty than usual ramen shops here, but wasn’t particularly outstanding to me either.

The original tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo. Comes with pork belly & pork loin, beansprouts, black fungus, and spring onion. A classic Hakata ramen.

I left wishing the ramen was a little saltier and a little more tasty! I found it to be a bit bland and a little on the watery/diluted side. Felt like it was missing some oomph. Maybe the broth could have been cooked longer!

I chose the "Medium" noodles but I think "Hard" noodles would have been a better option as that would probably have been al dente.


It's quite famous in Singapore, and I finally got to try it! Honestly to me, it's good. But I would also say it's kinda overpriced for me. Also, an umami egg for $3?! I probably wouldn't go back.

Delicious and creamy tonkotsu broth served with thin and straight noodles, pork belly, pork loin, seaweed and umami egg. This was my favourite ramen in Singapore before I tried the tom yam tonkotsu ramen πŸ˜‚.
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Ippudo's original creamy tonkotsu broth served with thin and straight noodles, cabbage, black fungus with an additional flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, pork loin and seaweed 》$22

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The Original tonkotsu

Shiromaru Tamago - Tonkotsu Broth with hakata straight noodles.
Akamaru Shinaji - Tonkotsu Broth with special blended paste and garlic oil.
Both were great! Love the texture of the noodles and the broth

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1. Akamaru Shi-Aji with egg
2. Karaka-men with egg
The ramen at ippudo never fails to impress. For us, the soul of the ramen is in the broth, and ippudo' s broth is rich, fragrant, and packed with flavour. Not only that, the noodles are also delicious, and you get to choose the hardness of your noodles, so both soft and hard noodle lovers can be satisfied. For us, the 'hard' option struck the perfect balance between firmness and chewiness.

Today, we also felt adventurous and skipped the classic Shiromaru ramen. Instead, we had the karaka-men (top) and akamaru shin-aji ramen (bottom).

The karaka-men came with a spicy miso broth which was really yummy and had a great kick! The egg was also perfectly done, with a semi - liquid yolk that accentuated the flavours of the broth. Definitely a good choice!

The akamaru-shin ramen was also fantastic. Despite the dollop of red stuff (actually blended miso paste and garlic oil) that came with it, it was not spicy at all! However, it was still extremely flavourful and enjoyable (: