Shiomaru Motoaji

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Went for the special as it comes with more ingredients, including more slices of pork. I wouldn't go for the other versions of shiromaru as I feel the serving size at Ippudo is small and those would not be enough for me. I think Ippudo is most suited for those who love tonkatsu broth, but dont want it to be overly rich and creamy (like at Hakata Ikkousha).

However, at $21++, it is rather expensive for a bowl of ramen in Singapore.

πŸ₯’ Served with Pork Belly Chashu, Black Fungus, Egg and Spring Onions

🧾 SGD$18.00

✍🏻 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†γ€˜8/10γ€™

πŸ’¬ There are a lot of bias-ness surrounding IPPUDO as it is one of the more popular ramen chains around. It is a decent bowl of ramen, sure, but this particular branch lacks consistency. I have had disappointing experiences here before. That being said, their worst is still the minimum gauge of what I feel a standard tonkotsu ramen should taste like. Their Hakata-style noodles were on point with an easy-to-drink light pork bone broth. The pork slices however had no wow factor and tasted as it is. All in all, you cannot go wrong with IPPUDO!

Just when I was feeling like having soup noodles (blame it on the rainy weather), IPPUDO’s brand new D.I.Y. Meal Kit got teleported to me (ok, it actually arrived the conventional way πŸ˜†). Didn’t waste any time preparing both the Hakata-style Shiromaru Motoaji ($15.30 a pack) and Akamaru Shinaji ($16.35 a pack) Ramen for lunch.
Definitely not to be mistaken as instant noodles, these have the signature creamy-rich, full-bodied tonkotsu broth arriving in frozen form. After following the clear, simple instructions to simmer it for about 15 minutes, the concentrated block, the result of an 18-hour cooking process prior, became exactly like the broth one would taste if dining at an Ippudo restaurant. When the lusciously smooth umami pork-based liquid met the al dente ramen (these noodles are meant to be cooked for only 30secs in boiling water), the combination went beyond my expectations. It was enhanced by the slices of pork belly chashu and marinated black fungus that were also packed in the D.I.Y. Meal Kit.
I might try my hand next time at making Onsen Tamago eggs and chopping spring onions to pimp up the ramen and take it to another level. But for today, it already qualified as a happy meal.

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The broth is so bland and the char siew is so thin, almost like biting paper. If Ippudo noodle combine with Santouka broth, that will be the best.
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Featuring the ramen from the new Ippudo outlet at Star Vista that just opened today! We tried the Shiromaru Motoaji and Bonito Tonkutsu ramen. I preferred the former, because the broth was much lighter than the latter. However, the latter’s broth was quite interesting because the bonito taste was so strong, and there was a yuzu pepper paste to go along with it as well. All in all, the ramen was alright. Less salty than usual ramen shops here, but wasn’t particularly outstanding to me either.

The original tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo. Comes with pork belly & pork loin, beansprouts, black fungus, and spring onion. A classic Hakata ramen.

I left wishing the ramen was a little saltier and a little more tasty! I found it to be a bit bland and a little on the watery/diluted side. Felt like it was missing some oomph. Maybe the broth could have been cooked longer!

I chose the "Medium" noodles but I think "Hard" noodles would have been a better option as that would probably have been al dente.


It's quite famous in Singapore, and I finally got to try it! Honestly to me, it's good. But I would also say it's kinda overpriced for me. Also, an umami egg for $3?! I probably wouldn't go back.

Delicious and creamy tonkotsu broth served with thin and straight noodles, pork belly, pork loin, seaweed and umami egg. This was my favourite ramen in Singapore before I tried the tom yam tonkotsu ramen πŸ˜‚.
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Ippudo's original creamy tonkotsu broth served with thin and straight noodles, cabbage, black fungus with an additional flavoured egg, simmered pork belly, pork loin and seaweed 》$22

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