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Crab Benedict

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Crab Benedict ($20) - Crab Cakes, Two Poached Eggs, Coconut Curry Hollandaise, Chives, Roast Potatoes, Side Salad. The curry hollandaise was tasty and a nice break from the usual creamy hollandaise sauce. The eggs were done nicely too. Pancakes ($14) - Three Stack Pancakes, Fresh Berries, Maple Syrup, Vanilla Cream. The pancakes were soft and fluffy, everything just tasted so good when put together. Scrambled Eggs ($4) - The eggs were cooked perfectly. Creamy with the right texture.

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#throwback to #brunch on Good Friday where we had this amazing Crab Benedict ($20) from @noshsg. Why go for the regular eggs benny when you can have crab cakes instead! The best part? Top it off with piquant coconut curry hollandaise that complemented the flavours in the crab patties perfectly! #burpple #breakfast


Weekend brunch goals set in the lush greenery of Rochester Park. My picks are the Crab Benedict, Three-Stack Pancakes, and a cup of well-brewed flat white!


not a big fan of eggs ben but damn i am luvin this crab benedict!!!! egg was done perfect, super runny super creamy :-) the crab cakes definitely gets all the credit! the flavor balance was on point and you can really taste the crab meat in thereeeee; pancakes were nothing extraordinary though. luvin the vibes at this crazy cozy place


Sundays are made for indulgent brunches, and Nosh sure proves an excellent choice for starting the day right. Hearty dishes can be had in a quaint dining room setting, or alfresco—a gorgeous, breezy verandah decked out with white-washed wooden tables and chairs, as well as powerful fans to combat the heat.

Their signature brunch item—one that dates back to a couple of years ago when Nosh was Krish—features perfectly poached eggs dressed with coconut curry hollandaise, a sweeter, Southeast Asian-inspired riff on the classic. The experience culminates when molten yolk lava meets the no-nonsense crab cakes—crisp patties of unadulterated crustacean goodness—on the perfect canvas that is the beautifully-toasted, chewy English muffin.

Pancakes + chocolate + cappuccino + Crab Benedict ($53)

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The eggs were poached perfectly and the crabcakes were really crabby. The curry hollandaise sauce taste was really subtle and it was a really good combo! The muffins were toasted before the other ingredients were placed on it,which prevented the muffins from going soggy. Roasted potatoes and salad was pretty simple and it complemented the dish well.
Truffle taste in the fries were rather prominent. However, the fries wasn't that good as it was slightly soggy.
The atmosphere was really chill and it was a rather quiet environment, Worth a shot to visit if you are looking for a similar environment and atmosphere like this!


Poached eggs on crab cakes (made solely with crab, mind you) and topped off with a curry hollandaise. Well, if this tastes as good as it sounds then we definitely have a winner on our hands! 🙌

So how'd it actually taste? It was good, but honestly I couldn't really taste the curry part of it which did feel like a bit of a let down. Everything else about it was great though! Just wish it had a bit more of a kick that I was hoping for. 🔥