Green Tea Mille Crepes

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Lady M is the place where I had my first mille crepe. Up till today, it's still the place that first comes to my mind whenever I crave for a classic mille crepe.

Their mille crepe is a delicate pastry that is elegantly built with 20 layers of paper-thin crepe. April seasonal features the Sakura berry mille crepe. The strawberry infused pastry cream was a lightly flavored one, with a hint of floral sweetness. The top layer was made of a slightly thicker Sakura-flavored white chocolate ganache, but I could hardly taste the floral element. Instead, it was like a layer of sourish pudding, with unripe strawberries.

I would still prefer having the classic and green tea mille crepes compared to this.

Tip: Eating the mille crepe layer by layer by wrapping the fork around each layer tastes much better and less messy as compared to trying to eat all 20 layers at a go! You can enjoy the cream better when wrapped in the crepe.


We love this confectionery for its light, sweet treats and floor-to-ceiling marble interiors, but it's the amazing Lady M Green Tea Mille Crepes ($115.55 for 9-inch cake, $9.65 a slice) that you must come for. Dusted with pleasantly bitter matcha powder, each of the 20 delicate layers in the crepe cake is separated by a thin spread of the lightest pastry cream. Magically, the thin-as-paper crepes aren't soggy when you spoon through the cake. Come by to pick up a 9-inch cake for your girlfriend's birthday, or perhaps drop by for a few slices at the sprawling two-storey outlet in Orchard Central for a tête-à-tête over dainty desserts. Also share the Gateau Nuage ($9.10 a slice) otherwise known as "cloud cake" — an airy whipped cheesecake with a cinnamon graham cracker crust topped with a sweetened sour cream for a silky finish.
*9-inch cakes have to be ordered three days in advance
Photo by Burppler Adele Chew

Three different chocolate flavor cakes and one green tea crepe cake. Awesome green tea flavor! Using Same chocolates that the cakes tasted around the same, only different textures.


#ladym #millecrepes with the outlet special of Marron Mille (Chestnut) and the oh-so-awesome #matcha one. .
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Death by Lady M.. 😍 My bliss-inducing chocolate mousse cake..

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Not as good as the one in orchard central- it was already softer than expected initially 3/5 for the price is quite steep at $9; i tried the green tea one only did not try the exclusive version