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Gâteau Nuage

$9.10 · 6 Reviews

Sweet, quintessential cakes working their ways into my tummy first then heart :P I absolutely loved the cinnamon X cheesecake filling combination; the signature Milli Crepe never disappoints too ! Not sure if it's me but I taste traces alcohol in the latter's pastry cream which makes it all the more delectable.
A personal opinion would be the unharmonized textures of the Raspberry Chocolate cake (I always prefer moister cake when they are paired with rich chocolate ganache/fruit purée). But upon typing I feel overly critical because all it all it was an above average chocolate cake!


🍰 : Signature mille crepe • Gateau Nuage • Gateau Au Chocolat
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We had our classic Mille cake, banana Mille feuille, gateau nuage and some tea. Personal like classic Mille cake, price $8.90. Not too sweet, and the crepe is really thin for each layer. And we queue up for 15-30 minutes. You can give them a try. :)

Cinnamon-kissed graham cracker crust meets an airy whipped cheesecake base. And a thin layer of sweetened sour cream on the top.

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Simply love the Nuage! Awesome cheesecake, really unique, flavorful with taste of cheese and milk (wondering if it's condense milk). The graham crust is really flavorful as well, though it chips off pretty easily. Au Chocolat is great (I wonder how they make the top of the cake so smooth, it's shiny!), bitter yet sweet, with ganache surprises. But it may be a bit too much for 1, so do share!


Gateau nuage