Grilled Chicken

$17.90 · 14 Reviews

60'c Chicken Breast ($18.9 Beyond 1-for-1)
The chicken breast is cooked in sous vide, meaning it's cooked in vacuum bag. It's so easy to cut and eat like grilled chicken but it's not dry at all! It's served with mashed potato that heavily tastes like milk, so if you like milky taste (which i love) you'll enjoy this meal!

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Wheeler's Yard have just launched their new menu! If you haven't try their new dishes, come on down, don't missed out on the goodness!

While certainly pricier than most cafes, Wheeler's Yard does put out dishes with more finesse than others. I mean, look at that pretty plate 😂

The grilled chicken went well with those roasted tomatoes, beans and mushrooms but the meat felt like my calf muscles after my IPPT run (hint: kinda stiff). Love the space, extremely high ceiling gives Wheeler's Yard an open and relaxed feel that's hard to find in on our tiny island. Great for catch ups with old friends!
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This grilled chicken chop is a perfect example of his passion for make-from-scratch preparations and well-balanced flavours. That stylish plating is on point too. #veronicaphuaeats #wheelersyard #burpple #sgcafe #cafesg #cafehoppingsg #instafoodsg #cafefood #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgeats #BurppleTastemaker


The grilled chicken chop here had always been decent enough with its homely cooking style that saw the chicken being smothered in a tasty brown sauce. However, with the hire of the head chef who hails from Fat Cow (yes, THE Fat Cow restaurant), there's been a noticeable shift in the cuisine direction. For starters, he has injected sophistication and elegance into a few of the existing dishes including this one. From the artistically-skewed plating style to more finely-tuned flavours, it is apparent an evolution for the better is happening. The chef has also implemented several make-from-scratch processes in the kitchen which I feel, really makes a difference to the taste of what's eventually placed in front of me. Judging by this grilled chicken dish alone, I can't wait to find out the other pleasant surprises he'll be pulling out of his chef's hat. 😄

Food is average as many has reviewed. Was really looking forward to the nice interior however was kinda disappointed as they only had bicycles laid out. But place was spacious recommended if you wan a place to chill :)

I said no mash they said they will add vege but I don't see much green at all. Not the best.

The chicken tasted very nice but i like its sauce the best! It is worth every penny! :)

Grilled Chicken ($17.90) - nicely grilled chicken with french beans, grilled tomatoes and mashed potato.