Earl Grey Yuan Yang

$8.00 · 14 Reviews

📍Dapper Coffee, 73A Amoy Street
☕️ Earl Grey Yuan Yang ($8) & Salted Gula Melaka Latte ($7)

Hidden on the upper floor along Amoy street shophouses, Dapper Coffee welcomes you with a fancy bar, fancy music, and fancy coffee.

The Earl Grey Yuan Yang ($8) had the perfect floral notes that complemented the aromatic espresso and early grey milk. Topped with Lavender buds, this floral coffee kicked a punch.

The Salted Gula Melaka Latte ($7) was gao/thick, creamy, and not overly salty. Was a bit afraid of the possibility of my coffee tasting rather salty but it wasn’t! The aftertaste of this creamy latte was a mixture of sweetness and a tinge of salt. I believe the Gula Melaka made the coffee taste overall more full and whole. For the price point, it’s a 10/10 for me because the cup was huge.

The ambience can be likened to a pub/bar in Europe with its darker atmosphere and cavern-like chairs and tables. Great great service! Would come back!

I have always wanted to try this since end of last year, so finally I will be able to clear this off my wishlist!
The swirling mixture of coffee, milk and earl grey on the rock in a whisky glass looks so dreamy on the eyes. Sipping it a few times, the individual taste of earl grey and coffee can be identified if you focus on them. This is probably the reason why I like yuan yang; the combination of tea and coffee with milk in one cup. Most yuan yang won't cut because of the conflicting strengths of coffee, milk and tea, making the aftertaste either too bitter or the milk added just masked the taste of both coffee and tea. However this yuan yang has a little added harmonic ingredient, the lavender bits. The lightly scented bits of lavender balances the strengths, creating a mild, flowery aftertaste instead of overly bitter or milky. This is something worth trying out in this already famous coffee house for their unique Unicorn Tears and Golden Brew drinks if you are willing to sit down and chill in this moderately dark ambience while doing some work.

Three BURPPLE most recommended dishes for PRE-Friday brunch. Visual, PERFECT! taste.. refer to below👇🏻

Strong recommendation for granola yogurt and their famous earl grey yuan yang (not in the picture, was busy tasting the NEW WORLD 신세계)

Sausage Shakshuka's sauce veered away from usual tomato flavor, wan't mind blowing dish but no complaints. (tasted Shin-raman sauce hmmm). Pasta's noodle was slightly overcooked, possibly can forgo this dish.

Nonetheless great atmosphere to catch up with good old friends.


On the first sip, we thought it had been overrated.. but it will grow on you.. the combination of espresso and Earl grey milk is very fragrant and not too sweet.
Feel that $8 is slightly on the high side.. but I guess no service charge and GST sort of even it out.
On a side note.. the salted egg Black sesame cake was unavailable again :(((((( was told the cakes selection are changed weekly.. need to be luckier!


Earl Grey Yuan Yang ($8 nett)

A good solid cuppa. The lavender is fragrant but the real star is the solid strong coffee... Even the last sip didn't feel diluted. I hope I can sleep tonight 😂

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
😮 Small dining area
📶 WiFi available
⚡ Charging ports available
🚫 No service charge or GST

Back at one of my fave cafes with Wendy this time 😊

Gold Brew & Unicorn Tears ($10 ea)

According to the bubbly service staff, Gold Brew is Cold Brew with some ✨"magic"✨ added to take you instantly to magic wonderland🌈! 😂 Indeed we were mesmerized by the 🙌🏼 sparkly swirls 🙌🏼in both bottles reminiscent of what an Evil Witch 👹 would offer to an unsuspecting princess 👸🏼!! (Coffee is actually made with Ethiopian Yirgacheff and slightly sweetened)

Unicorn 🦄 Tears 💧is yet another potently magical ingredient cruelly (kidding!) extracted from their in-house pure bred Mongolian Unicorn made fresh with every order (nb: the unicorn looked visibly distressed and dehydrated with severely puffy 👀 😂) (actually, it tastes just like lemonade made sparkly!)

Other items in picture were the Earl Grey Yuan Yang with Lavender ($8), Salted Egg Earl Grey Cake ($9) and Hazelnut Flat White ($6).

An interesting mix of earl grey infused milk and coffee sprinkled with lavender on top. Im a huge fan of both earl grey and coffee and this drink captured both loves into one drink. Dayum! Personally, i found the taste rather unique and I'm sure fans of either Earl Grey and or Coffee will find this an interesting drink. At least try this once! Love it, hate it, its still an experience. { $6++ & 8/10. }