Fish Maw Soup BCM

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$8 for a big bowl of fish maw soup with a lot of ingredients (pork balls, pig’s liver, fish ball, seaweed, minced pork etc) and bak chor mee. Superb combination and definitely value-for-money. It’s soul-comforting 😍 #sghawker #burpplesg #burpple #sgfood #sgkopitiam #feedmefood2018 #fishmawsoup #bishanfood #cheapandgood #bakchormee #sghawkerfood

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Fish Maw Soup with Noddles - $8
Springy noodles are accompanied with mushrooms and pork lard for extra flavours. The fish maw soup is my favourite with the 蛋花, fish maw, minced meat, dumpling and fried fish ball, it’s a pleasure to finish it by itself. Comes with wolfberries which is pleasing to the eyes & for the eyes
Ding Ji - Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle
KPT 284 Bishan



Housing not just one, but two stellar supper options, KPT at Bishan should be high on your supper list. The well-loved kway chap stall opens till 4am, promising lovingly-braised intestines, tender pork belly and comforting tau pok alongside silky smooth kway. Alternatively, don't hesitate to join the queue for Ding Ji's excellent fish maw soup and bak chor mee for $8. The soup is robust and satisfying from simmering overnight, and is made luxurious with good quality fish maw. The noodles may not be vinegar-y enough for those who love the pungent kick, so ask for more if you do! Ding Ji is open 24 hours, so come at any time of night!
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

Ordered the one with fish maw with everything else and it was awesome. But the star was definitely the soup. Would describe it as "potent" for BCM, akin to how one would describe it for prawn mee soup. Sibei Shiok! #burpple