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Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen

$15.90 · 42 Reviews

One of my favourite ramens in Singapore! If you love a rich broth, Keisuke Lobster King does a pretty good job at it!

The broth is made by simmering lobster shells for 6 hours with a special blend of vegetables and herbs! The spicy miso gives a spicy kick to the broth (great for those who can take a little heat). You can customise your noodle texture! We opted for the hard because that’s how we all love our noodles!

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Located at 3C River Valley Road, unit 01-07 The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Singapore 179022. .
Spicy Miso Soup - Lobster Broth Ramen, $15.90. They opens daily from 6pm to 5am, oh yayyy another new supper place added to our list! Even though we ordered the Spicy Miso Soup, we can still taste the flavourful rich lobster broth, it’s so amazing good! We chose the soft noodles and texture was perfect and on point, fully immersed and infused with the broth! Our bowl comes with a piece of tender pork belly and chicken char siew that’s surprisingly shiok! It’s so good that we finished everything in the bowl!! Not forgetting, we love their free flow hard boiled eggs and bean sprouts for all dine-in! 🤩 .
They don’t take any reservations so you will have to Q there patiently for an awesome bowl of ramen, all so worth it! 🍜

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$20.90 for all toppings and $14.90 for a basic one! There is 4 types of soup base rich, clear, miso and spicy miso! The one I went for was the rich one! Soup base is thick and rich! Lobster taste but no lobster meat ok! I’m still searching for the lobster meat till my fren tell me! 😂 for the side dish, mushroom lovers must order the mushroom cos it is so damn good! Expect long queue!

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Perfect place to satisfy your ramen craving at night before 5am, especially to those finish partying in Clarke Quay. $21.90 for all toppings.

Lobster Broth Ramen with Rich Creamy Soup and Spicy Miso Lobster Broth Ramen, both less than $16, are good medicine to treat my "japansick". The cream broth is yummy - got flavour! - but I find the bamboo shoot a bit too overpowering (smell) and chewy. My friend, @hellopandabiscuits, probably won't like it. I prefer the cream broth as I can't taste the lobster in the the spicy broth. Overall is good ramen! 🐳 MerRyan is happy! #merryan #merlion #singapore #burpple

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If you are ramen lover, you gotta try this lobster ramen ($15.90 for Spicy Miso, $14.90 for Non spicy or clear miso), the soup has a really thick and creamy texture to it and the richness of the taste is so comforting and addictive 😭the pork belly is just so tender and really love their prawn wontons. Worth the visit , not just once.

Chef Keisuke Takeda have been opening famous ramen stall in sg. Well this is one of the latest beside the crab broth ramen. If you are looking for heavy taste ramen, this would be the ramen for you. The interesting part is that you could taste the lobster. So I could say it is not like those gimmick dishes, where you can taste nothing. If you prefer those lighter taste , there is a lighter version of it. However the ramen is abit too short. It's like eating magi Mee not shiok at all Lor and the charashi I still prefer Marutama, where is melt in the mouth kind. Overall I still think is worth the try.
Ps: the crowd have not die down yet so get ready to be in a Long queue.

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Finally we got our hands on their Lobster Based. Reached at 5.30pm (they open at 6) and the queue started. We order their chicken Nanban , Lobster Broth and a Spicy Miso Broth. We prefer the Lobster broth, as the spicy version lost the lobster flavor. I do prefer this over the Kani version at Cineleisure


Finally tried the ramen at this popular joint and I went for the recommended spicy miso ramen. They offer complementary free flow hard boiled eggs, marinated bean sprouts, egg mayo salad. Unfortunately, the ramen was served in lukewarm broth, which I believe is a cardinal sin for ramen. Further, there was just too much going on in the broth, all fighting for your attention. If you're really hungry, this is a good place for you. However, the Spicy Miso ramen didn't work out for me.