Salty Beancurd

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You have see lots of places selling soya beancurd. But have you see a salty version?

This is definitely a acquired taste for many of us. Topped with ladle of minced meat, it somehow felt like I’m eating proper food and not dessert.

Something different from our usual plain beancurd served with soy milk or sugar syrup - a bowl of smooth beancurd served warm, topped with a ladle of minced meat and pickled vegetables. Can’t say this is for everyone, but it’s worth a try!

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Toasted bun with chicken floss and egg - not too bad but not really surprising.
Salty beancurd - Worth to try. It tastes like you’re eating minced pork rice without rice but with beancurd.
Total bill: $5.80

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Mee Sua $4 - I don't like it, he likes it
Spring onion with egg - $2.30 - We both like it. Served hot.
You tiao $1.40 - Not crispy, not hot, not great
Salty beancurd $2.50 - Very interesting, we actually kinda like it
Soya milk cold $1.60 - Ok

WAITING TIME: Super fast. Less than 5 min.

PARKING: Just along the streets


** Was craving for Taiwanese style breakfast and stumbled across Yong He, which is pretty close to my place. Other than the Mee Sua and Cold Noodles, all others were pretty good. Not bad location to start a public holiday.
📍 Yong He Eating House
458 Geylang Road, Singapore
Daily, 24 hours
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At first, I was pretty hesitant by the combination but in the end, found myself enjoying it more than the typical sweet beancurd. The subtle sweetness from the beancurd fits the savoury pickled vegetable, minced meat and sesame oil well.
Meanwhile, the sweet beancurd with longan syrup would easily be a crowd pleaser for its sweet and refreshing tone. Never thought that beancurd could be so versatile!


Fueling my night, Yong He Eating House’s Saltish Beancurd ($2.50) might not be mind-blowing but a bowl of that slurpy goodness certainly curbs any other late-night food cravings. Plain on its own, the topping of savoury stewed minced meat, pickled vegetables and spring onions does bring about a different experience when compared to the traditional variation - in both flavour and texture. Served warm, the soft curd also glides easily down the throat and even without the syrup carries a subtle sweetness.

First time trying this! Instead of syrup, this smooth beancurd comes topped with bak chor and sesame oil. Served warm, I wish I could have this for breakfast 😋