Oeufs Mollets Florentine

RM22.00 · 3 Reviews

Price: RM17
My opinion:-
One of the best egg dishes I've tried so far 😋!! Two soft boiled eggs over spinach and mushrooms with a cheesy cream sauce and a piece of bread on the side. Eggs were runny and perfectly made and the sauce goes really well with the spinach and mushroom. Definitely a big thumbs up from me 👍👍


Upon M's recommendation, I sampled the oeufs cocotte (left) while she had the oeufs mollets florentine (bottom right). The former was perfection in a ramekin - two soft baked eggs with smoked duck cubes and a thin gruyere cheese crust with a slice of farmer's bread and greens on the side. M seemed to enjoy her eggs florentine - two perfectly boiled eggs with a twist of mushroom and gruyere cheese. We paid close to RM100 for the two dishes, the best mango tart (not pictured, but chilled, and very very good) and three drinks, which is a little steep. But in a market where excellence is rare, Yeast comes highly recommended.