When Tea Meets Coffee

RM8.00 · 3 Reviews

Basically a tea flavored chiffon cake. Can't really identify what tea, but I'm thinking in between jasmine and green tea. Served with a side of coffee toffee to dip it with the cake.

This is a very nice cake. Very light and fluffy. Definitely recommended if you come to BEAM. Some may not like the coffee sauce but I love it. I think it goes well with the light and airy cake.

It may look big but it's just slightly bigger than the diameter of an 8oz coffee cup, about 4-5 inches. Refer to the cappuccino for comparison. Great for a light snack because it's just so light that you won't feel sick eating it.

Cappuccino however is not a cappuccino at all. It was a very milky latte. I didn't even finish it because its just too milky. Enough said. 😞

Food: 8/10 Price: 8/10 (RM 8 for cake. I think is a very good price. In fact, cheap! I'll come back for this.☺️)
Coffee: 4/10 Price: 5/10 (RM 11 for hot cappuccino. First time rating so low for a cup of coffee because the ratio was really off. Price is average for any cappuccino you find in a typical cafe in KL)

Chicken panini is mad nice and the dessert called "when tea meets coffee" is just unique in its very own way. I rate the sandwich 8/10 and the dessert 7/10