Farmer's Pancake

RM18.90 · 18 Reviews

Fulfills both the sweet and savoury notes pleasantly.
Interlaced between the layers of pancake are sauteed mushrooms, a hashbrown, lettuce and a slice of ham.

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MAIN》Farmer's Pancake : RM21 Savory pancake with honey syrup. It was decent but I would prefer the honey syrup served separately, as the pancakes got soggy over time. The hashbrown deserves some credits. If you're looking for heavy flavors this might not be the dish but it was good enough for me. Portion was fair enough but would definitely expect more for the price. 6/10

Little tips/ recommendations: You can opt for scramble eggs or sunny side up. Have the honey syrup on the side.


This is Farmer's pancake breakfast. Portion was decent, everything was well cooked and it tasted really good👍Usually served with sunny side up, however they are kind enough to change it if you request for it. Definitely won't mind going for more!

Kampung style breakfast and their Farmer's pancake!
Still my favourite place but the journey to this place is quite unpleasant, due to the road works.
I didn't really like the muesli previously but it was much better on my second time.


A warm neighbourhood cafe with presentable and yummy breakfast. I like my chillax weekend here!

Finally get to visit one of the cafe that been going wild in PJ and to my surprises that the owners are my Melbourne friend. Promised to pay them a visit and here I am. Farmer's Pancake Breakfast definitely a die to try. Nice combination with savoury and sweet. Eggs Benedict is the normal and poached eggs are perfect (hard to get good one nowadays). Coffee great too although my tastebuds went crazy on first coffee as it tasted 'rummy' but second one was awesome. Definitely coming back for many rounds.

Lovely atmosphere, great lighting for photos. Staff service and attitude is decent, it's self service and we need to order food at the counter. Place is well hidden in the palm sports center, quiet and clean. Car can be parked at roadside or also can reach by lrt. First glance the shop decorations in the cafe is a little empty ,but the food and service made up to it. Overall, the place is worth trying and worth a second visit. Especially the farmer's pancake and mocha with choco balls. A bubbly ,heartwarming drink and a meal that might as well put a smile on your face. :)

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Who would have thought the combination of pancakes, egg, hash brown, ham, mushrooms, vege and syrup could taste so good!