Mocha Chai

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Love it! Not too sweet, just right.

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Great blend of coffee, choc and chai. .
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Other than a burst of green, not quite sure why the bland green apple was there. I LOVE bacon but this espresso bacon was a little disappointing, and could be more crisped. Hits & misses - might be a little underwhelming, but honestly this simple brunch fare was what I needed today. Thankful for the comforting warm fluffiness of the thick brioche, complete with cinnamon and the subtly sour-sweet mixed berries compote. And Mocha Chai, the one pick-me-up I desperately needed.


Typical brunch food (chose overeasy, comes with espresso bacon, fresh juicy tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, brioche and harissa sausage) but we thought it was well done - each item was tastily good on its own and while it costs $25, it was very substantial.

Seoul Burger ($22) - hearty burger of 24h marinated pork in spicy Korean bean sauce. I loved the kimchi which wasn't overly sour, stole a bit of the overeasy egg and added it between the soft brioche buns - masisseoyo!!!

And of course, coffee was good as usual. Had an ice latte and my all-time favourite Mocha Chai that got a stamp of approval from G who's very picky. So that says a lot. Toby's never disappoints!😌


First time trying Mocha Chai so I was unsure how it will taste like. My worries were unfounded as this combines my 2 favourites: Mocha and Chai Latte in a cup.

Perfect medley of flavours from the rich chocolate and the aromatic and slightly spicy Chai. The end result is a smooth rich and full bodied coffee which blew me away. Will definitely come back for more.


Times like this are hard to come by.

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Piccolo Latte, Cafe Latte, Affogato, Mocha Chai & decadent French Toast with caramelised bananas to share ♡