Old Fashioned Waffles

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To make their famous burgers, The Daily Grind makes their patties from fresh meat ground in-house daily โ€” hence the name. The restaurant's chic, elegant ambience makes it a versatile venue, fit for family lunches in the day and burger dates in the night. For brunch, get the All-Day Breakfast Burger (RM27): a beef patty topped with beef bacon and fried egg. This breakfast burger sees the use of toasty English muffins instead of buns, and it's a switch we will gladly take any time of day! Come dinner, an Avocado Bacon Burger (RM32) will satiate. The wholesome beef burger features a flavour-packed combination of avocado cream, bacon and barbecue sauce. If you like both mushrooms and cheese, the Japanese Yodel Burger (RM35) has a pleasant overload of both, with tempura mushrooms and cheese fondue sauce on beef patty. The establishment also serves a wonderful Old Fashioned Waffles (RM18) with fresh strawberries and cream โ€” get this for a dessert to share!
Avg price per person: RM45
Photo by Burppler Ben Lo


Chicken and waffles is a traditional southern American dish, where fried chicken (sometimes with buttermilk) is deep fried and served with a stack of waffles and may be accompanied by honey.
The fried chicken was hot and fragrant, served in the form of a chicken chop. The slightly sweet pancakes were fluffy and absorbed the flavourful oil from the fried chicken. The gravy was a great complement to the simple soul food, with chunks of onion and bits for a play of temperature and texture. The coleslaw gave the dish a tinge of tang and sweet, which was quite nice. Recommended for fried chicken lovers, but who isn't really.
RM22 / dish
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Really love this! I am not a real fan of cream at all but these were perfect. It was light and wasn't too sweet. The waffles could do with some improvement though. But the cream do make up for it. Overall it was a good combination.


Waffles with cream and strawberries in the middle, with vanilla ice cream and maple syrup on the side ๐Ÿ˜ you need to try this, despite what everyone says. Try it for yourself first, then you can judge.

D E S S E R T ๐Ÿ˜ #dessert #foodporn