Sample Platter

$15.00 · 3 Reviews

I was actually quite sure that I won't come back for a second time because of their service (other than one of the lady staff who was rly nice and genuine!!) I had to wait quite awhile for my table to be ready, then another long wait for my food. But the food turned out quite good!! The sample platter priced at 15$ is a dish I recommend everyone to order and see which food is to your liking. French toast: 5/5 • Waffle: 3/5 • Pancakes: 4/5


satisfying & filling! i wanna try their sample platter though…dunno available till when 🙊
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Had my brunch here 2 weekends in a row. Yes it was that good. Just remember to make reservations at least a few days before. When we were sitting at the tables, on both Saturdays, they has to turn down quite a number of disappointed customers who did not make any reservations.

Food was exceptional! On my first visit, I couldn't decide what to have, and ended up getting their sample platter. It consists of all 3 of their stars: pancakes, french toast and waffles. Served with vanilla ice cream, honey and jam. For $15, it's pretty darn worth it. The first time I had their ice cream, it was a tad icy, though the taste of vanilla was pure and delicious.

On my second visit, I had their Matcha Tiramisu Pancake, that was served with a generous serving of mascapone cheese and matcha sauce (separately), and ice cream. This time round, I have no complains about the ice cream. It was much creamier than before. The pancakes were so fluffyyyyyy! Together with all the condiments, I was grinning like a child throughout my entire meal.

Bf had Karaage Waffle (second time we are trying this). I know many of you must be thinking if the fried chicken is too oily for the waffle. Fear not! It's soooooo tender and juicy, and not greasy at all! Amazingly, it went well with the waffle, which was served with a side of honey.

Everything was so delicious! I'm definitely coming back here again soon! Just remember not to order their cappuccino. Other than that, THUMBS UP!