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Fried Pig Intestines (#01-112) New Eastern Kim Tee

$6.00 · 3 Reviews

This stripe of prawn roll costs $3. Minced pork & prawn wrapped in bean curd skin then deep fried to crispy. Marinated with lotsa chinese spices, flavour is strong but overall lack the crunch from waterchestnuts. Old Airport Rd Food Center Stall 01-112 •

It's soooo crispy delicious! We kept popping it into our mouths with their power chilli! #hawker #hawkerfood #hawkerpedia #oldairport #offal #friedintestines

Hae Cho (Hokkien Style Fried Prawn & Pork Rolls) &
Fried Intestines. #hawkerfood #sgfood #yummy