Yaki Niku Set Meal

$25.00 ยท 2 Reviews

Crazy generous portions! With a side order of cabbage and miso pork belly, I was absolutely stuffed to the brim. The stir fried beef came in a huge portion, and was so so tasty. Really awesome that it came with thick, fresh slices of sashimi. Also excellent was the tempura set. One of the more value for money sets I've come across, especially for its quality. Especially enjoyed the cosy, homey vibes in this tiny izakaya. The Japanese men beside me were reading manga while wolfing down plate after plate of food!

Hidden in the basement of Cuppage Plaza is this izakaya that sees mostly Japanese salarymen โ€” a sure sign that this is as authentic as it gets. The space is cosy, homely and small, so come with a party of no more than four. Start with the Nebaneba ($8.30) โ€” a salad mix of natto and okra โ€” a favourite amongst the Japanese. Then move on to the Mentaiko Cabbage ($10.60) โ€” cabbage leaves stir-fried and redolent with so much wok hei that it puts zi char vegetables to shame. Recommended here are their value-for-money sets ($25). There are plenty options to choose from, including yakiniku, sashimi and omu rice. Each set comes with a side of super fresh sashimi, miso soup, rice and wafer. Reservations highly recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Hilary See