Rosti Mentai

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The interior ShuKuu managed to wonderfully capture the vibe of a dingy japanese bar in a seedy back alley after a long day of work. The jovial festive atmosphere, the old japanese commercials plastered around, the intentionally damaged walls with frayed ropes and chipped paint to give that worn and weathered look, it’s not hard to tell this place was put together by someone who fell in love with the izakaya aesthetic and culture there.

Char Siew Pork Jowl
Extremely tasty though the small portion size makes it a little less value for money than the other menu items

Potato Mentai Rosti
A rather unique fusion take on a classic potato dish, it departs from the traditional western cohesive potato pancake to a looser tudousi-like (chinese shredded potatoes) texture while boasting a smoky and complex flavor combination,

A classic dish done well, not much to say.

Stingray wing
Perhaps my favorite of the bar bites offered by ShuuKuu, each bite packed a smoky, umami-laden punch. While not substantial in the conventional sense, being thin strips of stingray wing, it is an excellent appetizer or drinking companion.

Ordered Spicy Salmon Don, Negitoro Don and the Rosti Mentai. Both dons were nice and flavourful. The salmon was very fresh! The Rosti Mentai was the best out of the rest. The potatoes strips (rosti) were moist and doesn't taste dry - A must order!

the potato is well coated with the mentai sauce and it’s extremely flavourful. no wonder it’s a hit!

From appetizers, sushi, skewers to dons, this place have a wide range of Japanese small bites and alcohols. Recommends the Aburi Sushi Mentaiko and Rosti Mentaiko. The salmon melts in my mouth while the rosti dish is extremely refreshing and unique.

We ordered lots of food eg the salmon sashimi, mentaiko rosti, pork jowl, cuttlefish, oysters, beef cube, chicken karaage, scallops and sake. Everything was delicious! Will be back for more.

It’s a splendid place to relieve your fatigue away with great ambience and yummy food!! Have ordered several dishes such as buta minced katsu, tori karage, torikawa oroshi ponzu, rosti mentai and kurobuta tontoro.

Reasonable pricing, accurate Japanese Izakaya ambience and delicious food makes this a must go for anyone who wants an escapade from bustling Singapore.

Ordered multiple dishes like Gyu Ponzu, Buta Mirced Katsu, Tori Kara-age, Torikawa Oroshi Ponzu, Rosti Mentai and Kurobuta Tontoro

Definitely will recommend!!

The food was good and went well with the sake. The ambience was also nice and chill, and the friendly staff helped make it a good experience. Highly recommend the mentaiko rosti and charcoal grilled skewers.

The meats were so good!!! The marbling in the wagyu skewer made it tasty and succulent but not dry. We also thoroughly enjoyed the crispy and chonky chicken kara-age. Only drawback was the hot, moist and wet rosti mentai, we personally would have preferred a crispier rosti texture instead of potato noodles. The service staff were friendly and quick, which we greatly appreciated!

Went for food tasting at Shuuku Izakaya with the bestie and must I say it was great!

Firstly, the food was amazing, with amazing staff that immediately aided with recommending the best dish - mentai rosti - as accompaniment to our dry sake! Also their chargoal grilled skewers which we had ordered both in shio and tare for chicken thigh and pork belly- they were shuper succulent and tender! Highly recommend this place for light meals and drinking!

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