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Rosti Mentai

$8.00 · 44 Reviews

We enjoyed the moriawase tempura. The ingredients were fresh and it was fried till light and crispy.

I was looking forward to the rosti mentai - an interesting twist to Japanese cuisine. It would have been a lot more enjoyable if the shredded potato could be crispier.

The dining experience was great, it was very welcoming and homely. It would be perfect for those looking to enjoy their beer with light food.

Swiss-style potato shreds baked with mentaiko sauce till golden brown 》$9

I love all things potato and mentaiko so this rosti mentai has got to be the best of both worlds. A dish good for sharing and it’s highly addictive!

Crab gratin with mentaiko served in a shell 》$8

A creamier and sweeter option compared to the rosti mentai. It’s similar to mashed up crab stick with mentai sauce. The mentaiko seems to be too overpowering in this dish that I couldn’t really appreciate the flavours of crab gratin. If I were to choose something with mentaiko, I would go with the rosti mentai.

Enjoyed a really great meal at ShuKuu! Ordered quite a number of dishes but was really amazed at the quality of the Aburi Shimesaba and the Rosti Mentai. The staff were also very friendly and their recommendations were good. Overall, a really good experience and would definitely come back for more!

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Had a great dinner here last weekend with my boyfriend! Love the warm, cozy ambience and wall art at this izakaya. Food was really tasty, and service was prompt and friendly. Special mention to the Rosti Mentai and Torched Vinegared Mackerel, couldn’t get enough of these! Also, get an Asahi on tap if you drink!

Came to Shukuu Izakaya with my friend today for dinner.

Loved the nice ambience that gives a very Japanese feel to the place :)

Tried a lot of dishes but my favourites would be Mentaiko Rosti and the Gyuniku Jaga.

Mentaiko Rosti had a nice torched fragrance, and i kept coming back for more, probably because I love Mentaiko 🤩

I really enjoyed the Gyuniku Jaga (beef stew) because the beef was so soft and chewy, and the stew was super rich, i kept scooping for more! Would come again!

Enjoyed the oden, kani gratin, rosti mentai and the grilled squid immensely. The miso that came with the vegetables went well together, making a perfect starter. Overall, it was a great visit to Shukuu Izakaya with my date, and we would love to visit again!

Had a pretty good dinner a friend. Good service and good food. We had a couple of dishes. Love the mentaiko rosti and grilled squid. Would come back again to give the other dishes and possibly drinks a shot. All in all would recommend

The mentaiko rosti stole the show. If not for the many other dishes that we ordered, I would definitely have got myself a second portion. The dishes were all bursting with intense umami flavour. Pairs excellently with beer.
Quality food. Highly recommended

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My winning vote of the day goes to the Kani Miso - an unassuming bowl of crab tomalley paste that was full of umami flavours 😍😍😍 Runner up goes to mentaiko rosti!

Overall a great menu and fantastic dining ambience!