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Sister outlet to Far East Plaza's Nanbantei, famous for their value-for-money lunch yakitori bento, this izakaya on the first floor of Cuppage Plaza is where you go in the night for the same skewers and more. The grilled skewer selection here is limited but straightforward. Go for the Asparagus Maki ($7.20 for two) โ€” five thin asparagus sticks stacked to a skewer, wrapped with bacon. Unlike the skewers at Nanbantei where the marinade is key, the skewers served at Izakaya Shinjuku are lightly seasoned with salt. Another crowd favourite is the Toriteba ($7.50 for two) โ€” two chicken wings on each skewer, perfectly crisp yet juicy. For something heartier, order their Garlic Fried Rice (from $6.50). It goes well with their Butabara Cabbage Miso Itame ($9.50) โ€” stir-fried sweet cabbage leaves that hint of smokiness. Reservations highly recommended.
Avg price: $40 per person with drinks
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

Had the Asparagus Maki and the Chicken Wing skewers at Izakaya Shinjuku to start our meal! Didn't expect much from the chicken wings but it turned out to be so flavourful, unlike the ones you have at BBQ! Not a charred bit on the skin and the meat stayed moist even though it was thoroughly cooked to the bone! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป