Sawadee Crab Burger

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Another one to add to my list - I swear it wasn't supposed to be themed! This was purely unintentional ๐Ÿ˜‚

Last week I wanted to try another pizza in Ben's Batai, but they surprisingly had a trip or something that they had and at 7PM, I wasn't ready to dine in the dark later on when it gets darker. Off to Yellow Brick Road I went.

It isn't exactly the first place I'd go to if I were to have dinner, as I have always associated Yellow Brick Road with Wicked Pancake Parlour (which now is only called Yellow Brick Road, I forgot why) which means pancakes which means desserts (although they serve savoury pancakes which my brain can't quite comprehend but yes).

That, and also because their menu for main dishes were pretty limited, especially this. There were only two pages of the menu for main dishes, and it took me a while to decide. I finally decided on the Sawadi-crab burger.

I am the worst when it comes to eating huge burgers. When it arrived, I stared at it before I started eating. The soft shell crab was huge so I had difficulties trying to start on my meal.

It was served with charcoal buns and Thai Mayo & mango salsa, there were mango bits in it! Which was weird yet somehow just blended well and served with sweet potato fries, which is my favourite. Priced at about RM30 (I don't remember the exact price), I think it's reasonable (as most cafes have about the same prices for food so it's quite standard) and for the portion, it's good.


My favourite has got to be the Sawadi-crab burger - crispy soft-shell crab topped with cheesy egg, mango salsa and smothered with flavourful thai mayo on soft charcoal bun. So good I was completely blown away. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

Thanks for having us, @shaunie.l !

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Great food here at Yellow Brick Road and the burger was tasty! The sweet potato fries are equally as excellent. This cafe deserves to be revisited ;)


Going cray for The Sawadi-Crab Burger!
The soft shell crab was slightly crispy, yet I could still bite chunks of crab meat! Eaten together with the thai mayo and refreshing mango bits, foodgasm in the mouth!