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Balik Kampung

RM25.00 · 3 Reviews

Sorry, no yellow bricks in this photo. Just some amazing yellow turmeric rice and that perfectly done poached egg with the yolk barely peeking out of its pure, white pouch.

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Here I go again with my "aglio olio" trend. Tried the Char-Siew chicken pasta at YBR since Balik Kampung was out. (The waiter joked that the kitchen was still trying to catch the chicken)
Ended up with one of their best sellers. But it didn't impress me much. Big portion nevertheless. I just wished there's more chicken and the pasta was less oily. It could be more chewy/al dente too. It was just slightly mushy for me that day. Still, it was flavoured very nicely with the right heat!
Plus points for being sited in front of the coffee bar to eye on cute baristas. YBR have cute baristas. For real. 😳

Food: 6/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 23)

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If you're tired of the same old Western brunches, you HAVE to order this (RM25). It has a large piece of percik ayam served with turmeric rice, a zesty homemade mango kerabu salad and a poached egg. A glorious, decadent single poached egg. The egg was initially not a part of the dish but they decided to add it in also to give sort of like a "gravy" for the turmeric rice. Excellent idea! Where got poached egg on local food one right? (read in a Cina accent). The salad was a bit dry but a good balance to the dish because it's sour, and the chicken, oh the chicken... Nothing in my word bank can truly describe it. Even though it was quite sweet, the sauce is packed with flavors of local spices and the chicken was so well cooked! RM25 is expensive? My exact thoughts at first. Just think of it as the Madam Kwan of cafe food.