PtripleB French Toast

RM18.90 ยท 5 Reviews

It's not a overly crowded place on a Sunday afternoon but it can get really noisy. There's a choice of either chicken or beef bacon, which is sandwiched between the layers of bread. I think there's a hint of maple syrup, so it's a mixture of sweet and savoury taste. It's not something I would return for though.


The stack of 4 pancakes had good texture and were decently fluffy - but they were pretty small. Though not very Snickersy (aside from the chunks of Snickers on the plate), we still finished it because we greedy like that.

We also tried the PtripleB French Toast (RM19.90) - which was a stack of French toast layered with beef bacon, surrounded by banana slices and drizzled over with melted peanut butter. Sound strange? IT WORKS. Don't have a photo obviously because... it was gone before I could whip my phone out. Oops!


French Toast and Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter. Nothing can get better than this.


Salty and sweet? How will it taste? The answer is P.TripleB French Toast. Served with peanut butter, banana and bacon drizzled with honey, the bacon was so good I was pulling it out to eat it on its own

The few new item in Frisson.
PtripleB French Toast (RM 18.90)- Three Slices of Brioche dipped in rich vanilla custard scented with cinnamon, served with peanut butter, banana and bacon drizzled with honey.
Turkey Ham Quiche (RM 19) and Chicken and Mushroom Pie (RM 27) both served with salad.
Loves the Turkey Ham quiche and the pie, it was so addictive especially for someone who loves mushroom so much ๐Ÿ˜‹