Umami 50

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The sweetness wasn't as prominent as I had expected but there really was a lot of umami from the mayo and the chicken luncheon meat. Though finally this seems to be the line lol, because of the ingredients even they can't get this prata to be crispy haha(understandably ofc). Again, probably worth a try after you've had their excellent kosong, egg and red bean pratas

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Hotdog Cheese (with egg), $5.50.
Umami-50, $8.90.

Still the best place for prata! A lot more pricey than normal prata places but more variety and really worth the money! Their Umami is really unique and gooood! Those who gonna visit there, please do try their Umami-50!!!

Crazy lot of Murtabaks from Springleaf Prata Place last night. There were only 2 flavours - Tandoori and Umami 50. Both were deeply satisfying, intensely flavorful and generously stuffed. Absolutely loved the smoky Tandoori flavour, but I am leaning towards the Umami 50 because it has chicken floss ๐Ÿ˜›

With mayonnaise, luncheon meat, cheese and floss. Think I might prefer the traditional fare, but found this worth trying!


With chicken luncheon meat, chicken floss, egg, mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise, this is definitely umami!

Need some warm prata and hot curry for a rainy day!

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