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The Ultimate Murtabak

$12.00 Β· 19 Reviews

Grab your pals and prepare to feast at this prata place at Upper Bukit Timah. Necessary for sharing is the Ultimate Murtabak ($13.50) β€” it resembles a giant quesedilla with stringy melted mozarrella cheese, mutton, chicken, mushroom and egg, that is extraordinary when paired with vegetarian dal. Don't miss what is possibly the best Mozzarella Portobello Prata ($5) around! Do not leave without sharing their super crispy, savoury sweet Red Bean Prata ($3) β€” so good.
Photo by Burppler Rachel Loke

As the name goes, it's a 'zhng-ed up' murtabak with all the ingredients inside - mutton, chicken, mushroom, egg, cheese. It's packed with much flavours and oh so sinfully good! The portion is meant for 2 so share it with someone!

Complimentary curries
- Fish curry was more tangy in flavour
- Chicken curry tasted more aromatic and loaded with spice, sweeter than the fish curry as well
Overall, both curries were equally spicy and I enjoyed the chicken curry more

La Ayam Parotta ($8.90)
- Sweet sambal taste complemented the sauce (Tasted like honey mustard) really well; Honestly, there's no need for their curry with this prata
- The sauce they added helped to keep the prata from being too dry as well
- Entire prata was really crisp on the outside and I really enjoyed this dish (Best out of the 3)

Ultimate Mini Murtabak ($8)
- Murtabak was comparably lacklustre in taste but there were good chunks of mea
- Considerable amounts of cheese
- Mushrooms could have had a more pronounced flavour to complement the entire murtabak, else I felt that you could miss out on its flavour if you were to eat random parts of the dish without looking at it
- Bits at the end were really crispy; if only that texture was consistent throughout the murtabak though
- This dish should be paired with the curries which definitely elevates it

Chocolate prata ($3)
- Essentially, tissue prata with Hershey's chocolate sauce and chocolate rainbow sprinkles as toppings
- Really crispy
- Honestly, expected more from this dish; Adding chocolate filling within the layers of the prata or using homemade chocolate sauce instead but I guess, there's a reason why they are not known for their chocolate prata
- Overall, enjoyed the prata for its texture and its sweetness but will not recommend unless you are specifically craving for some sweetness from chocolate

- Get the La Ayam Parotta ($8.90)
- Prices here are generally steeper than other prata shops but you are paying for both the brand and their unique creations
- Do not get the chocolate prata
- When coming to Springleaf, you should stick to their pratas and specialties
Price: (No ratings as products offered are distinct from other shops)
Taste: 7.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10


My go-to place whenever I’m craving Indian! Their ultimate hawkerfest creations are literally the only thing you need to order here, especially the murtabaks!! 😍😍 Other things like maggi goreng, thosai, sambal egg etc are nothing spectacular. Umami-50 > ultimate > salted egg prawn basically, but if it’s your first time, the ultimate Murtabak is the basic go-to Springleaf must-eat. It’s really the ultimate Murtabak with the generous amount of tandoori chicken and cheese. But for a more interesting flavour explosion, try the umami-50! Truly umami with the spam, mayo and pork floss combi that is truly oh so good?? 🀀🀀 Salted egg prawn was not too bad and very generous with the salted egg paste, but can get a little jelat after a while. Might be a little pricier but defo worth every penny, especially with the aircon environment, fast service (don’t be intimidated by the crowd) and free flow fish and chicken curry, what more can one ask for 😭😭 Also, got all these at $25 off when I used GrabFood to eat at the restaurant itself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Date of visit: 1 Jan 2019, Tue (10.15pm)
Context of visit: First time at the Rail Mall outlet. My previous visit was at the Springleaf outlet last month.
Dish ordered:
- 1 cheese prata
- 1 onion prata
- 1 iced teh tarik

Rating: 7/10
1) Onion prata is crispy just as the normal prata, but they probably added slightly too much onion πŸ˜… Not too special, but decent.
2) Iced teh tarik is quite good! Not too sweet or blend! :)
3) Here comes my ultimate favourite that never disappoints me when I stepped into both outlets: CHEESE PRATA
My first impression when I tasted it was to ask, "Am I eating the Cheezy 7 pizza from Pizza Hut at a prata outlet?" Although slightly greasy due to the buttery cheese, its pungent aroma and unique garlic cheese compared to all the other ordinary cheese prata makes your trip to Springleaf Prata worth coming if you are alone and want to avoid their heavy filling famous murtabaks (I've yet to try it). Furthermore, save the curry sauces for the other types of prata because when you eat cheese prata, it's best to eat it by itself to taste the pure aroma P:

On a budget? Just get the cheese prata because besides what I mention above, it may not be too crispy, but crispy enough near the sides to allow you to experience both crispy texture and the pungent flavorful cheese in one single prata.

Also cannot decide between craving for pizza or prata? Springleaf prata is certainly the place to solve your dilemma! πŸ‘


Ultimately cheesy. This ultimate murtabak is for 2.

I could barely finish it by myself



Tandoori Chicken, Portobello Mushrooms, Mozzarella Cheese

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Haven’t been here for sometimes, never realised they have expand their space to a 2 outlets size.

Ultimate Murtabak is one of their signature item with a huge size of murtabak, comes with tandoori chicken and cheese. $12.90

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Tandoori chicken together with richness cheese in the prada. Slrrppp

The ultimate murtabak is one of the featured creations at Springleaf and I can see why it's one of the highly reviewed items.

Even the mini version is not the mini really, as the murtabak is cut into the 15 big pieces for convenience. Stuffed within a thin prata, the fillings made each bite so satisfying. From the tandoori chicken that was so well spiced and roasted to smoky and slightly charred, to the earthiness of the chewy portobello mushrooms and the melted mozzarella cheese that pulls in the mouth as you chew.

Such savoriness would seem to be overwhelming but surprisingly, everything was in harmony especially with the sharp pungent red onions.

There's also a station where you can help yourself to the fish and chicken curries. I got curious about the difference in colour and smell of the curries, and I found out that the fish curry had a darker colour probably because more chili was used in the cooking while more spices were used for the chicken curry, which also had a stronger coconut milk taste.