Jinjja Drumsticks

$8.90 · 2 Reviews

Price: $39.90. Jinjja is a Korean fried chicken fast food outlet located in bugis, just beside the entrance of bugis street. As we were lazy to pick and choose what exactly to get, we (five of us) just went for the lazy combo box option. It had 4 large drumsticks, 16 wings, 6 fried gyoza, 2 portions of fries, 1 portion of toboeki, and 4 drinks. As the fast food concept would already have hinted, this Korean fried chicken outlet is really for the fuss free patrons because most of the dishes were average at best. The chicken drumstick and wings are what one would expect from four fingers, as my friend said. Objectively it wasn't bad, but it just isn't any good either. It was so nondescript that I really can't find any special way to describe it. The gyoza was slightly better. It contained prawn paste mixed with veggie, and drizzled on it is this tangy sauce which made the the gyoza the highlight of the meal. The worst of the lot is the toboeki which was hard like rubber. Overall this is really for those seeking for a fuss free and fast Korean fried chicken experience. Expect anything more and you will be disappointed.

One thing I have to commend is its friendly service staff. The box was supposed to contain 16 wings, and to our dismay, we realized and counted that they only gave us 12 pieces after eating more than half. We raised this issue to the service staff and they immediately gave us the 4 we are supposed to have without asking us to prove. So it made the experience quite pleasant.

I wouldn't return here to satisfy my future Korean fried chicken craving, but if you are looking for a fast Korean fried chicken meal and you happen to be in the area, this is for you.

The flavours were awesome, the chicken was well cooked and the fries were nice too. Will come back again! (Rating:😬)