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Giant Squid

$15.00 Β· 22 Reviews

An entire grilled squid ($12)! The whole thing was cooked in generous amounts of butter which perfumed the squid and gave it a lovely, rich, salty flavor. The squid itself is generously sized and has quite a nice bouncy texture, and it wasn't chewy nor did I have to break my jaw trying to chew it into pieces, which I appreciated. I also liked that I got to try different parts of the squid like the legs and head, etc.

Monjayaki is a runnier version of okonomiyaki (think melted cheese consistency). You scrape it hot and gooey off the griddle with tiny spatulas. The mixed monjayaki ($16) has bacon, prawn and squid mixed in, and I recommend it because it means each bite has the texture of gooey monjayaki, crunchy prawn, bouncy squid and savory pork.

It's got a totally different mouthfeel and a starchier taste compared to okonomiyaki, but really fun to eat. Towards the end, the monjayaki gets caramelized on the grill, which results in being ridiculously crispy and delicious. Add a tiny dab of okonomiyaki sauce and bonito flakes for that final dash of seasoning.

A whole squid grilled in front of us. Not eager about squid and since it's unseasoned, there's a distinct fishiness.

Tom Yum was the tastiest out of the 3, with the Chilli Crab one coming in last as it was pretty lacklustre. The Teppanyaki Squid ($18) was really yummy, definitely another must-order dish.
P.S. This order would be pretty good for 3 pax, or 2 guys. Also, there is no 7% GST here πŸ™ƒ #cynfuleats #burpple #burpplesg

Packed on a Friday night.
New food knowledge of the day: Monjayaki - which is apparently like okonomiyaki, but more liquid in version. You having using a ultra mini spade-like steel spatula that continues to bubble on the teppanyaki hot place. Squid, egg, prawn, lettuce all mixed into one round, and I’d recommend you add the crispy noodles ($2) for that extra crunch.

We also took the mixed teppanyaki. Not bad, though not wow and the chicken could use a much lighter hand in the seasoning. Still, had fun trying to demonstrate the chops on the teppanyaki pan #herpenandfork #sgblogger #sgfoodie #8dayseat #burpple #vscofood #openricesg #cafehoppingsg #instafood #instafood_sg #onthetable #stfoodtrending #monjayaki #teppanyaki #seiwaa

Since my trip to Osaka in 2014, I've been hunting for an Okonomiyaki that's enough to satisfy my cravings. And man, this blew my 🐰 paws off πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸŒ¬πŸ˜‚ /
Was impressed with the crispy light batter, fresh cabbage and tiny squid bits, which are not chewy at all. Not the mention, the sauces, mayo and bonito flakes are FREE FLOW. It was darn shiok to spam my pancakes with the bonito doing its boogie! πŸ˜› Service was also immaculate. I need to bring my fam here for a pancake tossing party πŸŽ‰ 😌 Highly recommend this place if you are an Okonomiyaki fan! #dontsaybojio #okonomiyaki #japanesefood #osakaeats #bonitoflakes #burpple

πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‰ / All right that's not what I told him but dang, this Grilled Whole Squid [$15] which he cooked skillfully in front of me was SO DELICIOUS.
Springy, succulent, and not rubbery at all! Better than the πŸ™ skewers I had at Myeongdong added up tgt πŸ€— / .
All in all, my second visit to Seiwaa within a month was even more satisfactory with my family; we ordered more appetisers & different flavours of Okonomiyaki. Service was impeccable on both times too! Waiters are extremely well-trained and we were at awe while they prepared the Monja. . β€’
While the okonomiyakis are undeniably tasty, I wonder if they have an option of adding yakisoba inside like the version I had in Osaka. That was a real gamechanger for me πŸ€”πŸ˜› #okonomiyaki #seiwaasg #grilledsquid #teppanyaki #seafoodlove

βœ” Pork & Shrimp
❌ Squid

Comes with pork, shrimp and squid. Made a special request not to have squid 》$16

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It was an enjoyable experience having to cook your own okonomiyaki on the flat iron griddle before adding your own garnish. There are a few okonomiyaki options but my recommendation is to go for the mixed one which contains shrimp, squid and pork. Crispy on the outside while having a warm fuzzy feeling on the inside as you bite into it.
Seiwaa Okonomiyaki & Teppanyaki
Address: 72, Dunlop Street, Singapore 209400 #yoursingapore #visitsingapore #singapore #burpproved #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #makansutra #sedapteam #restaurantsg

As freshly grilled as can be! And right in front of your eyes at that! πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ Fresh ingredients cooked to its yummiest! ❀️ the taste of this! A delectable smooth eggy taste with a nice crunch from the cabbage that was perfectly complemented with the super bouncy squid and succulent prawns! So oishiii! This was my 2nd time having it! Just can't get enough of this dish!