Chicken and Prawn Hor Fun

RM5.00 · 3 Reviews

I have never been a fan of hor fun. But since learning from fellow diner Nicholas of the noodle dish's reverence, I have found a new appreciation for it.

This one at San Peng is a pretty legit representation of the Ipoh original. The broth is a tasty balance of chicken and prawn, coupled with slippery smooth flat rice noodles. You know it's a slurp-worthy dish when chopsticks aren't a necessity, but a preference. There is almost enough prawns and shredded chicken to go with all that noodles in the bowl. So really, I left feeling very satisfied — even if I still am not the biggest fan.


Come lunchtime, many flock to this iron-roofed spot in Jalan San Peng for a taste of Ipoh's Chicken and Prawn Hor Fun. Arrive a little earlier for a hearty brunch with the family, minus the lunch crowd. Priced at RM5 a bowl, the thin hor fun noodles swim in a clear, aromatic broth along with shredded chicken and prawns. Complement your meal with the usual hor fun suspects — delicious Steamed Chicken and Beansprouts. A well-kept secret here, according to Tastemaker Brian Leow, is the Braised Pork Intestines, which gleam with a sheen of dark sauce — not for the faint-hearted but definitely a yummy delicacy! Ah Kwong also serves Braised Tofu as an alternative braised dish.
Avg Price: RM15

Pop in here for Ipoh’s staple breakfast, Hor Fun (RM5) - smooth flat rice noodles served in hot chicken and prawn stock. There’s also no going past on some good braised pork intestines when Tastemaker Brian’s around. Located near Pasar Pudu, this stall makes a great stop to refuel post-market shopping.