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Barbecued Chicken Wings

RM3.20 · 31 Reviews

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Favourite BBQ chicken wings and last ate in 2013. So it’s nice to be back here for some wings.
1. chicken wings ~ must order
2. Hokkien mee ~ very nice
3. lala ~ so so might wanna skip
4. Salted egg sotong -~ very nice


Nestled in Jalan Alor Street for over 70 years, Restoran Wong Ah Wah is a Chinese Zi Char restaurant which has grown from a humble stall to a total of 5 stalls in present, residing side by side in a single row. Famous for their barbecued chicken wings, it’s undoubtedly a must-order dish at every table for both locals and tourists.

Grilled to perfection with a slight char on the skin, the meat was juicy and succulent, with a tantalising smoky aroma. Sedap! #whatisdigestingKL
Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

For the juicy succulent flavourful chicken wing in the tourist area of Jalan Alor.

Really appreciate that they do maintain their quality over the years and wasn't affected by the growth of business.

When in Malaysia, anyhow order!

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Wong ah Wah is most famous for their chicken wings and their restaurant is 5 units big. always very crowded.
i said to myself, it’s gonna be like chomp chomp or bedok 85 kind. but holy, it’s very VERY juicy, fragrant, lightly charred and tender. i don’t even need to pair it with chili sauce... yeah but it’s very unhealthy. best best bbq charcoal chicken wing i have ever tried!! other dishes that were good are the Kam Heong Lala and Dried chilli fried with Frog. I also tried the Salted egg Sotong and Hokkien mee, quite disappointing. gonna miss their chicken wing 😭


Best BBQ chicken wings ever! Jalan Alor.


4.5 munchies: While Wong Ah Wah is well-known for its BBQ chicken wings, the Kam Heong Lala (Golden Fragrant Clams) featured here is one of the best clam dishes I've eaten. Sweet, savoury, and spicy, I could slather that luscious kam heong sauce with curry leaves added over a bowl of steamed white rice! I also appreciate how the upper shells of the clams were removed so you only get those with clams attached. #Burpproved