Wild Rocket Beef Burger

$19.20 · 13 Reviews

This is the burger that started it all. Legendary.
Still warm, the beef patty is cooked to medium rare. Moist & juicy.
Would love to try the patty done Rare in the restaurant.
Having visited both Relish & the defunct Wild Rocket for so many years, this is the first Relish burger I ever have. In fact, my first bite of any Relish burger. Sliders is another story.
Mushroom & Double Cheese Burger.
Beef burger w smokey sauté mushrooms & double melted cheddar cheese.
Beef done to Medium Rare w earthy Umami flavour.
Love this burger.
Beef battered Fish & Chips
Beer battered Dory fish served w tartare sauce.
Very fresh fish, sprinkled w Japanese condiments.
Carbonara Lingunie w Pancetta & Egg.
Same old flavour.
Have always love this carbonara pasta w the fatty pancetta. Shiok.
Cold Brew White Coffee
From the people of @cshhcoffee
A hot day life saver.
From kitchen to plating is less than 30 mins.
Thank you @willcookwilleat for the lovely lunch.
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Ordered this via delivery thus the unaesthetic takeaway boxes 😅😅 Pricey for average tasting cafe food. Not sure if the ambience at the actual restaurant will make it worth the price, but the food wasn’t enough to justify the price tag. Parmesan wings were crispy and well battered, but could not taste the cheesiness of the batter at all. Beef burger was a decent-to-good burger, but definitely not worth the $22, with the only saving grace being the thick patty and refreshing sauce with a citrusy kick. But I must say their carbonara was pretty darn good?? The cream was thick and heavy and coated every single strand so well, and they were generous with the thick fatty bacon bits and wow the onsen egg was just the cherry on top. If anything, get the pasta cause they know how to do a good pasta, but other than that a bit too pricey for the quality 😕😕

It was topped with a schmear of tangy sun-dried tomato relish, and sat upon a bed of arugula, dressed with a few dribbles of that Sarawak pepper cream (more sauce needed please, it’s a tad dry). You could do worse.
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No Go
Can Go👌🏼
Must Go

The Wild Rocket Beef Burger (cannot remember the price, about $20), consisting of 180g beef patty, topped with sun-dried tomato relish, sarawak pepper cream and of course, rocket leaves. No need for add-ons like cheese, mushrooms or bacon, this simple burger was good enough on its own. This was probably one of the juciest burger I ever had.


I'd start of by saying that Relish is a beautiful location to come, relax and enjoy what they have done to their space. But I came here for one thing only... and that was for their burgers! We ordered the Wild Rocket Beef Burger (pictured) and the Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger for just under $20 each (without service & gst). For that price and after hearing all the hype about this place, I ended up feeling slightly disappointed...

Perhaps it was the high expectations or that I've spent the last few years residing in Sydney (#churburger #barluca #fivepoints), but the burger felt too "clean" and "refined" for what it really should be. Yes... it was tasty, but it lacked that all important eye-rolling sensation when you first bite into it as you struggle to prevent the juices flowing down to your elbows. The blue cheese burger would be my choice if I had to choose the lesser of two evils, but the major issue I had was that both patties were cooked much more towards well-done, instead of the medium that they had promised in their menu.


This yummy-looking burger is Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($22.36) by @relishbywildrocket and it's really awesome. The 180g medium rare beef patties was indeed juicy and delightful. Its marination was effectively elevated by the sarawak pepper cream and the absolutely delish sun dried tomato relish (I have a weak spot for sun dried tomato!). I also added a sunny side up ($3.00) and it was a great choice to have the egg yolk oozing into the wild rockets and patty, making it so luscious and gloriously messy at the same time. For once I could enjoy a burger without chilli sauce/tabasco because this burger was packed with great flavours. And to make it complete, it came with a bag of fries that was still hot and crispy!
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This joint in Cluny Court helmed by local celebrity chef Willin Low has long been known for its tasty gourmet burgers, and we are happy to report that standards are still high! We love the high ceilings and natural light too, it's just the right setting for a laid-back weekend meal. The Wild Rocket Beef Burger ($19.20) may look dry but it wasn't at all — the patty was juicy and cooked to spot-on doneness (we asked for medium rare). Combined with rocket leaves, sun-dried tomato relish and Sarawak pepper cream, this burger is basic, but delicious. Cheese lovers may want to try the Blue Cheese & William Pear Beef Burger ($21.90) — this Burpple community favourite sees a blue cheese-infused beef patty, walnut-peanut butter, poached pear and rocket. Every burger comes with a choice of a side salad or thick cut fries (top up $3 to add truffle or change to onion rings, $4 for Spam fries).
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

At first glance, this looked a little dry especially without the usual melted cheese draped over the patty, but boy was I pleased to be proven wrong.

What made this burger a winner was definitely the patty. No fillers, no complicated seasoning, just pure beefy goodness cooked to perfection (go for the recommended medium rare!).

The Sarawak pepper cream had just enough piquancy to keep every bite interesting and doubled up beautifully as a dressing for the arugula. I liked the addition of the sweet sun-dried tomato relish to balance the flavours too.

This comes with either salad or fries, but if you’re willing to part with $3, you can get Truffle Fries/Onion Rings, or $4 for the Spam Fries (of Wild Oats’ fame).


If one has ever been to Wild Rocket, you would have realized that Chef Willin Low's mod-Sin style is often creative, but largely stays on the safe and subtle side. With the understanding of his style at Wild Rocket and applying it to Relish here, this burger, despite having none of the mod-Sin touch (which is obviously deliberately done so) is everything that one would expect — a well-executed, safe combination of flavours that catches you in the most subtle of ways. The buns are not buttered nor grilled, and under the top bun lies a sun-dried tomato relish for a tangy touch. The lack of grilling or buttering the bun seemed to be so as the beef patty gives enough crispness on the grilled crust for the texture. Medium-well beef really meant its business here; a juicy patty with a pinkish centre that seemed to have used a premium cut of beef (there wasn't any rubbery, veiny bits within) that doesn't wet the bun beneath for the rockets come cushioned in between the bottom bun and the patty — seemingly dressed with a Sarawak Pepper Cream which gives it a very lightly creamy and peppery flavour to cut through the bitter characteristics of rocket leaves. One can also choose for their burgers to come with either salad of fries — the salad would come with a teensy bit of dressing that somehow again reminds one of the ginger-y flavours of chicken rice.