Angus Burger

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Experience date: 19th July 2019
Damage: Approx $150

7th Oysters Festival by Greenwood.

Had a disappointed run as we are without Belon OOO & Gillardeau, their priciest oysters at 11 & 9 respectively. Nevertheless, we still had a joy with the others. They do have oysters platter at $99 coming with 9pairs but we decided otherwise.

Chebooktook, Tsarskaya, Kumamoto, Chefs Creek, Pacific Rock. We found Kumamoto tasted best among these 5 types. Sweet, succulent but small in size. Whereas the plump & meaty ones came from the cheapest Chefs Creek which is delicious in its own rights.

Had alantic cod fish & chips - it's soft to the bite and very fresh. Literally pry open the crust easily.

Angus burger, on cut, juice flow out with oomph! Tasted good but can be better at that price point.

Overall, we enjoy our mains and half of the oysters.


Burger at a seafood spot? You heard us. The Angus Burger ($21.95) here might just be one of the community's all-time favourites, thanks to a thick medium rare patty with butter-slicked portobello shrooms and never-soggy brioche buns. If you have yet to try this, you know what to do!
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One of the best burgers Iโ€™ve ever had!!!
I know I know... what was I thinking ordering a burger at a place known for their seafood.
#noragrets Ok!!
Confucius say: if girl wants burger, give girl a burger ๐Ÿ‘ฒ๐Ÿป
The patty was so juicy; biting into the burger caused all of dat goodness to ooze out onto my fingers. Got down and dirty but Tโ€™WAS GUUUUUD ๐Ÿคค
Plus, they had portobello shrooms ๐Ÿ˜
Side note - there was a cute waiter too ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ
FYI from a recent instastory vote, there are more burger people than fish & chips people ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป wuhuuu
#greenwoodfishmarket #itsburgertime #foodienation

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When very reliable sources like Burpple, and Burpplers Jayne, Muriel and Shao, tell you one of the best burgers in Singapore can be found at Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro, you sit up and listen, then zip over there pronto.
I have been a little slow in doing so (excuse me while I kick myself a little more) but it finally happened - I got my paws on a burger of theirs this evening. The Angus Burger, to be precise. And it was epic.
XL in every aspect, from the toasted and buttered, soft brioche buns to the exceedingly juicy beef patty, it was full-on in taste through and through.
I found it a little tricky fitting the entire height of the burger into my mouth for each bite because the patty alone must've been an inch thick, and it came stacked with tomatoes, a portobello mushroom, gherkins and caramelised onions. But the struggle was well worth it.
Anyone who knows me will tell you I am against tomatoes in burgers and this had two slices. Strangely enough though, they didn't behave the way most tomatoes have under such circumstances. So I dare say I did like them here. It could be because they sat on a bed of melted cheese, which prevented them from soaking into the bottom bun. Yes, wet bread is my ultimate pet peeve.
So burger fans, make sure you zero in on this if you haven't had it before. And by the way, excellent crispy fries and a salad are served alongside.

burger at a seafood joint because i like to live dangerously. someone once said ordering burger here seems counterintuitive at this seafood place, right @michmuses? haha. but really you dont say no to a good burger, especially like this one. .

that first knife in into the fatty juicy patty said it all. nicely charred exterior gave some resistance but beneath it just gave in at the very knife's touch, revealing that lucious pink on my medium rare angus chuck. and that slab of wettest portobello mushroom sitting on the patty was just love. me finishing the two buns was just pure testament to how good the brioche buns were.

This baby scored big time with its soft homemade brioche buns, cradling a meaty & juicy minced Angus chuck patty, portobello mushroom, caramelised onions, gherkins and bucket of crispy, addictive fries โ€” one of the best burgers around, I dare say.

This is one of the most well-kept secrets by our editor, until now. It's mainly seafood and oysters at Greenwood Fish Market and Bistro, but they offer a seriously great burger โ€” the Angus Burger ($21.95). This masterpiece contains a really, really juicy, freshly minced Angus beef patty that fares best when done medium, portobello mushroom, a thick slice of sweet tomato and tangy gherkin. Despite all the wonderful flavours and textures, the beef really shines. The setting here is perfect for a date, but only come when you and your beau are truly comfortable with each other โ€” you'll want to get your hands and face dirty for this burger. For a better balanced meal, order their foolproof Fish and Chips ($19.95) alongside the burger and share! A glass of wine or cold beer goes splendidly with this meal.
Photo by Burppler Jayne Tan

Loaded with a really juicy portobello mushroom, refreshing tangy gherkins and sweet caramelized onions, this angus beef patty still managed to shine. What I loved about this burger was that you could taste every single component, leaving a proper burger experience that never distracted from the beef. This patty fared better when we ordered it Medium over Medium Rare. Great brioche buns that held everything well and never got soggy. One of my better burger experiences! Make sure to get this and share a fish & chips with your dining partner. Wash it down with cold beer or a glass of wine. This place was really enjoyable - nice enough for a date, casual enough for dinner out with friends or family.