The Alpha

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🍔 Went to give it a try as there was many great reviews , and yes it was Epiccly Highly recommended !
Double Special Succulent juicy Medium Rare Beef , tomato , lettuce , onions , cheese, pickles plus Special sweet sauce , really good quality for $14.90 ~ The only thing standing from perfection was the buns which has to be crisper on both sides!
Burger lover's a must try !!
4.7/ 5 !! 😃
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As with all good hamburgers, the Alpha at Wolf Burger is about texture, the crunchy shards of lettuce, the charred surface of the dual patties , the outer rim of the bun crisped to almost the consistency of toast. When compressed by the act of eating, the hamburger leaks beefy juices thats that only adds to the experience. Soft, grilled onions add both a certain squishiness and a caramelly sweetness which only serves to acentuate the medium-done beef.


$14.90 to get this Mighty Alpha. The sauce was a little overwhelming as it covered the taste of the patty. Not as delicous as the Magic Shrooms.

Double premium beef patties, double cheese!! $14.90 worth it.

The Alpha ($14.90)

Been here three times now, and all I can say is that it never disappoints. Wolf Burgers cooks up burgers just the way it should be - perfectly greasy, and purely sinful. By far the juiciest burger ever I've ever eaten, and perhaps one of the meatiest. Not the most optimal bread to buy ratio, but who cares when the patties are that good?


Luscious, Extremely Juicy & Medium Rare all one needs for Burger Happiness. Started by Chef Sarah Jane from Carvers & Co, Wolf Burgers offers quality burgers at an Affordable price point. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Here's what you need to know, about life in general. Any place that refuse to sell you a burger under medium temperature, is basically on the side of the terrorists.
Thankfully Wolf Burgers do it Medium. 🖖🏻


With its success of the shroom burger, one can't go wrong with The Alpha. I mean double patties stuffed into a brioche bun for $15.90? No complaints from me!

THIS is a damn burger!! Double chuck, dripping with juicy goodness, and a smooth, bronzed, glossy buttery bun. It may not look like much, but is intensely satisfying and filling.


A Medium Rare Beef Patty with Sautéed Truffled Mushroom & Sweet Caramelised Onions Topped with Swiss Cheese Oh Yes.. 🧀 (S$10.90) .
The Brioche Buns were Buttery, Moist & Fluffy. The Beef Patty though was a tad under seasoned, the Truffled Mushroom could be more generous & Fragrant too. But it was Juicy, God the Juices from the Beef made the Buns a little too Soggy that's the drawback. 🍔 .
ACAMASTIPS💮: Get the Alpha Burger (S$14.90) instead, you get 2 Thick Beef Patties with Caramelised Onions & American Cheese. Make it a Meal with their Sweet Potato Fries (S$5) 🍠
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At just $9.90, The Wolf burger sees one juicy beef patty blanketed with a slice of sharp cheddar and a scoop of caramelised onions. But why settle for one patty when you can have two? We're going for The Alpha ($14.90) — double the meat, double the cheese and double the satisfaction. It’s juicy without being overly drippy, and doesn’t even require fries, though an order of S'mores Fries ($8) probably wouldn’t hurt either. It's best to share it all with a friend if you want to avoid a food coma.
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim