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A neighbourhood cafe at heart, Owl's charm lies in its dreamy vibes and delicious waffles, which are equally dreamy. The pleasant cafe beams with plenty of natural light, and there is much to see (and photograph), from hand-painted coffee murals that deck the walls to adorable owl-themed decorations. Large in size and pretty in presentation, mum will approve of their value-for-money dessert waffles โ€” take her here for brunch! Rebecca (RM18) and David (RM18) are both crowd-pleasing classics that you shouldn't miss, but we believe the edible flowers and earl grey ice cream tip the scale in Rebecca's favour. While mum tucks into the delicate flavours of the former, you should try something different. A fairly new name in the menu, Midori (RM21) pairs matcha waffle with Mandarin oranges and black sesame and coconut ice cream. The distinct flavours of each component melds surprisingly well for a fresh change from the other waffles. Linger over the fragrant Rose Latte (RM10), served in a finely-painted cup.
Avg price per person: RM25
Photo by Burppler Esther Setelyn Chai

This waffle definitely lives up to its name as the bestseller of the cafe. Topped with earl grey ice cream, fruits (strawberries, berries and banana) and best of all, almond flakes, it's a must try if you're a waffle fan! This plate costs us RM18.

Browsing through my burpple app and saw there's "Rebecca" nearby. Decided to check her out. So, we sit there, smiling because she look just like her picture. She let me taste her. Start from the top, licking the earl grey cream with mint leaves on top. Literally taste like earl grey tea. and then I start digging her warm but crisp body. It soft and cover with strawberries, banana and blueberry. All I can say is she is such a delicious Waffle! Be ready to be on waiting list if u're coming on weekend


Waffle topped with earl grey ice cream and a variety of fruits. Leaving the refreshing taste in your mouth and mind, making you dying for the next visit with their cute owl themed teapots and mugs. This one's a killer.

After my last exam, made a quick move to this amazing place to celebrate post-exam joy! ๐Ÿ˜ Once reached, the place indeed fulled with Owl's decorations! A small place but gives out a warmth feeling. It was not so crowded when we arrived. There are many types of waffles to choose on the menu that we had little hard time to choose. Finally, we ordered Rebecca. The waffle indeed to crunchy when cut it & fluffy when bite it. The whole waffle was topped with bluberries, chopped strawberries, bananas & most importantly, I like the earl grey ice cream! I never had earl grey ice cream before. This should be my adding points to my Rebecca! ๐Ÿ˜˜ I will definitely be back for more!!

One of the bestseller waffle in the cafe. Waffles was fluffy with blueberries, strawberries and banana and topped with a scoop of Earl Grey ice cream. Priced at RM18.

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All hail the peanut butter cream!

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