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PS. Truffle Shoestring Fries

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💸: $8

💬: Because if you didn't truffle fries there, did you even go to PS?????

The price point might make it a little hard to swallow but PS. Café's Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($27) was pretty good and certainly satisfied my craving for fried foods. Crispy, succulent, and well-seasoned, the assortment of wings and boneless chicken thigh were all fried to perfection. The crunchy batter was thankfully not too thick and best eaten while it is hot. Served with smokey jalapeno aioli on the bottom and a saucer of barbecue sauce at the side, the chicken was a tad cloying towards the end but wasn’t greasy in my opinion and the tangy aioli did help cut the heaviness of the meat. The portion was also great for sharing if you want to save some space for dessert and their signature truffle fries.

Truffles fries at PS Cafe is my one true love... What is good now is... Due to the large portion we always couldn't finish it... Now that they offer the ordering of half portion available helps us to not waste food and can order a variety to share as well ;)

I heard mixed reviews about this dish and hesitated to order this. But with the option to upgrade to truffle fries with an addition of $5, I decided it was a good way to let me try their famed and loved fries without having to order the whole serving of it ($16).

The truffle fries were so fragrant and crispy. Some restaurants' truffle fries smell like truffle and taste nothing like it. But there's no such thing here at PS cafe. The dish was accompanied by an aioli sauce which has a lemongrass fragrance to it, making it so addictive!!

Now for the burger itself, the main star is the patty. There was no heavy tasting sauce or garnish to carry the dish. The meatyness of the patty and freshness of the beef were more than sufficient to make this burger one of my favourites at this price point.

Half portion truffle fries (~$8): yes, you can ask for it half portion for half the guilt!! 🍟 Strong truffle aroma that wafted from every table; with shoestring cheese and that truffle scent, we have a truffle fries winner 😛

Ig @goodfomood

Finally visited PS cafe and ordered this dish at $27. It was a generous portion and very flavourful! Ambience was good. However, the lunch crowd can be crazy so it’s recommended to make a reservation before going! Also ordered truffle fries and they were so good! Portion is good to share among 4 or more friends. The Waiters and Waitresses were also very polite and helpful. Enjoyable dining experience here!

Croque Monsieur ($25) + top up for truffle fries (+$5)

They made up for the high price point with a generous portion. The cheese and gruyere sauce were overflowing, but they did not overwhelmed the savoury taste of ham that were hidden beneath it

The bread was soft and soggy though due to the sauce,

And not to be missed out were the grilled tomatoes that were so juicy and a joy to pop in the mouth

Sadly, the truffle fries were lacking the truffle during the day

Consider topping up your fries (if your choice of mains include that) to truffle fries instead of ordering a plate of it ($15?) to share. The portion of thefries is generous enough to share among 2-3 pax

Felt that the food standard at this outlet last night was very poor. Tried the fish&chips at another outlet previously and it was nothing like yesterday’s, which tasted frozen, sadly. Batter was thick, fish was dry. Saving grace were the truffle fries we topped up as a side at $5.

Ordered truffle fries and was delighted at the mountain of cheese sprinkled all over like confetti but disappointed that the truffle taste was not spread out evenly. Only some fries had the truffle taste whereas the rest were just normal fries ☹️ nooo it didn’t used to be like this 😭