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Went to Ninja bowl again after craving for it HAHA😂 Ordered the Noka and it was goooddddd as usual☺️👌🏻Portion size was alright and pricing wise is alright as well(slightly below $20 after adding +$2 rice base) Definitely worth a try!!💯👍🏻

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24-hr braised beef cheek - succulent and juicy! Albeit a tad oilier than I had expected, the occasional squirts of juice made the dish a lot more delectable. It comes w baby corns and I den egg (cooked to the perfect doneness for the oozy goodness to flow and drench all other ingredients- crunchy Korean beansprouts, sundries tomatoes etc in the bowl). Healthy-bowl at $14! Note: you can ask for rice if you like! ‘Comes at a surcharge tho.

The grain bowl in ninja bowl was definitely overhyped. The Noka in particular, was more bland than I’d expect it to be. The runny egg yolk goes well with the beef cheek, but the crunchy combination of the beansprouts felt a bit out of place in this mix. Overall bowl lacked a tang or a zest.

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Price: $14.00 + $2.00

🚇: Chinatown
📍: 15 Duxton Road

Need to cut off those bad cholesterol and eat clean. Ninja bowl does set all the right ticks with additional of flavours.

The beef cheeks had a soft but chewy texture and braised for 24 hours, it has adsorbed the right amount of Essence making it a bold savoury flavour. But fear not the Korean beansprouts and dried tomatoes will lighten up your taste buds.

The part that I don't like was the hard texture of the ninja rice, making it hard to swallow. Luckily, there was still the Onsen egg to save the day!

Overall, in my opinion. Ninja bowl may not be the best poke bowl on my list, but it is still decent. Maybe I should head to the new Sister outlet ninja cut to try out.


Back at @ninjabowl because they have good quality bowls which I wouldn't mind going back for!

Noka ($14) which consisted of 24h braised Beef cheek, Baby Corn, Korean Beansprouts, Mixed Nuts, Onsen egg and Sun-dried Tomatoes. I tasted a little bit of Red Wine in the beef, which gave it a tinge of bitterness, but the taste of the beef still quite strong. The beef cheek was also served in thin shreds!

We also tried the Kabuki ($14) which was a bowl with Seared Honey Chicken Leg, Baby Corn, Korean Beansprouts, Picked Beets, Onsen egg and Fried Shallots. Chicken was well cooked and perfectly seasoned, and as always I really loved their Picked Beets hehe 🤗


Worth the long walk😆

features 24hr braised beef cheek (aka lor bak). the sauce gave the rice more taste and easier to eat as well. once again nth fantastic.


The Noka bowl is made of 24-hour braised beef cheek, baby corn, korean bean sprouts, mixed nuts, semi-dried tomatoes and onsen egg. The beef cheeks are braised in veal jus and homemade soy sauce into a rich tasting meat. While it was quite fork tender, I thought the meat could be smoother! The dried tomatoes and mixed nuts gives it a good mix of flavors and texture of this noka bowl! Ours came with the white quinoa which is such a healthy choice!