Fries with Meat Sauce, Cheese and Mayo

$5.90 ยท 3 Reviews

Salted Egg Wings - $8.90
Chicken was tasty and salted egg sauce was not overly salty as in some instances it can get too over powering.

Fries with Meat Sauce and Egg - $6.90
Although it is a side, I got it as my main. Very delicious. It tasted even more delicious when mixed with the chilli dip.

Ayam Masak Merah Drumlettes - $6.50
It was crispy, not overly spicy and slightly sweet.

Mushroom Soup + Bandung (not pictured) - $3.90
Mushroom soup was full of mushroom bits and was creamy.

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This is not the usual crispy fries but more like the Canadian poutine albeit without cheese curds. The straight cut fries were drenched with savory chicken meat sauce and topped with a runny egg. Sinfully tasty. A great dish to share or devour on my own ๐Ÿ˜!