Sushi Teishoku Lunch Set (#04-50, Sabar)

$25.00 Β· 2 Reviews

Absolutely LOVED the whole grilled saba from Sabar which specializes in saba.

The mackerel's skin was nicely crisped and slightly charred at the edges, flesh was sweet, succulent and fresh - even the parts near the stomach was damn good, no bitterness nor fishy business going on. $38 but we enjoyed every morsel of it.

Had the fluffy tamago that came with mackerel in it (comfort food!!) but it was on the pricey side. Also got the Sushi Teishoku for a bit of carbs. Assorted mackerel (2 of each - grilled/ marinated/ matsumae-style that comes with kombu). Tasty firm, fresh, thick slabs of mackerel atop good sushi rice.

Fun fact: the obsession with 38 is real. Apart from how 38 sounds like saba, the grilled saba is supposedly 38cm long, they've got 38 seats, 38 dishes (but some were not available when we were there HAHA).

Love that it’s all about one of my favourite fishies here and I'm of-fish-ally hooked! 🐟 If you're not a big fan of mackerel, there's no better place and time to give it another chance than here and now.

While the grilled version was utter perfection β€” think shatteringly crisp skin and incredibly succulent meat πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’™ β€” this well-executed dish deserves the limelight just as much.

You still get your dose of the grilled mackerel in sushi form, plus a pair of the Matsumae-style sushi (with a thin layer of kelp), and torched marinated toro-saba sushi. The vinegared rice seasoning was spot on and the fish were all prepared wonderfully. Please order and try!