The Morning After

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Supply & Demand is an Italian trattoria located at our performing arts centre, the iconic Esplanade and they have a variety of dishes in their menu that include pastas, pizzas and Asian delights. For that day, we decided to go for their Carbonara ($14/$19), a two-in-one pizza consisting of The Morning After and Truffle & Egg ($22/$26 with additional $2.50 for the two flavours) and a sharing portion of the cheesy fries. The spaghetti in the carbonara was done al dente style with just the perfect bite and it latches onto the cream and egg yolk sauce to give every slurp an enjoyable one. As for the pizza flavours, The Morning After is the restaurant’s signature pizza with a tomato sauce base and layered with mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms and a soft egg while the black truffle paste’s fragrance from the Truffle & Egg will hit you instantly when it reaches the table. Supply & Demand is definitely a spot that you need to check out when you are deciding on dining options around Esplanade.
✨ Supply & Demand
📍 8 Raffles Avenue, Esplanade Mall, Unit 01-13, Singapore 039802
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Really like these 2 flavours!! The yolk is runny and you can never go wrong with the Parma Ham 😍😍😍

My favourite was the squid with potato purée (1st pic), and the Morning After pizza was good too.

Loved the combination of chorizo sausage slices, cheese fries (also very fresh, fyi) and spicy sauce- very palatable and a good way to start the meal! Although The Morning After was their signature pizza, I thought it was just alright, nothing exceptional. The truffle and egg flavour (Tartufo e uovo) was well done though, flavorful and packs a punch. Quality of the food is there, will be back for the pastas!

Signature pizza, large 13" (S$25).

📸credit to: @oo_foodielicious
Location: @esplanadesingapore 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-13, Singapore
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The egg yolk really give a different taste in the pizza, the crust was thin and crispy. It was overall good!

Good, but I would recommend their other signature pizza, The Morning After, more!