New Zealand Ribeye

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Their entire system is needlessly complicated. From the ordering to how they charge(it's not exactly ++, but it's damn confusing)

NZ Ribeye fared much better, not that that's saying much. How is the aus one more expensive?? Anyway this was decent, by no means excellent but at least it's good enough to be called a steak. The asparagus was barely passable but the cheesy cream spinach was not bad.

Both sauces were weird. Too sweet and texture was off as well.

If you must come here, probably get the NZ pasture ribeye, tho there's no need to force yourself to order enough to qualify for steakhouse char because there's no steakhouse char going on at all

With Parmesan asparagus and fries. Eat steak at iSteaks. We picked ribeye because wanna eat don't eat cheap. Fairly good, except the chewiness, which is expected of ribeye. Medium rare also executed perfectly. Just drop the sauce please, it's insulting for a steakhouse. And who wouldn't select asparagus, it's expensive!

Got it medium rare as requested. A little salty as it comes with sauce as well.


Try the AU 450g house steak rib eye!

great steak and well cooked

Think yummy classics that won’t put a dent in your pocket at this steakhouse with three outlets all over the island. Try the fantastic Fried Chicken ($10) or Lemon & Dill Fish ($10). Meat lovers can splurge on the juicy, medium-rare NZ Ribeye (from $19.50) — still plenty affordable!
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Got the bigger portion at 250g, which was quite filling (so maybe save some $ by doing 200g instead), but very very worth it. Done perfectly medium rare; didn’t get the pricier Australian steaks which the cashier claims to be more tender, but this was already pretty darn tender itself.


NZ Ribeye Steak with Baked Potato and Onion Rings. The steak was nicely done, medium rare as I ordered it. The onion rings and baked potato were tasty too. Would have preferred if sour cream was served on the baked potato.

250g medium rare ribeye with mushroom sauce, garden salad with thousand island dressing and baked potato with butter

My second coming here after that impressive first time with NZ Ribeye. Decided to try something different and ordered NZ Striploin this time. Decent but nothing like the Ribeye, but that could be the difference between different parts. Was served with some greens which were nothing special but the buttered beans were okay, but honestly, I think I will stick to my creamed broccoli and buttered corn next time. Overall, still a decent meal for $19, but if u come here, I suggest you should go for the ribeye.