Salted Egg Pork Ribs

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At times you don't mind going old school โ€” think ceaseless crowds, rustic environs and slightly gruff service โ€” then this Serangoon stalwart is the place to visit. The dinner crowds never seem to end, so be prepared for the off chance you'll be seated at a table set up along the back alley. In return however, you'll be treated to a seriously tasty Fishhead Steamboat (from $22), featuring a broth that's been simmering over charcoal for hours. The Burpple community highly recommends the Pomfret Steamboat (from $25), with many commending the fish's delicate, velvety flesh. The piping hot broth also comes filled with vegetables, seaweed and sliced yam, which is soft yet retains a good bite. Don't stop at the steamboat when you're here though, for the zi char dishes here are spot on too. The eggy and super flavourful Tofu Prawn (from $15) is a must order, and so are the Har Jeong Gai ($8) and Salted Egg Pork Ribs (from $10).
Avg price: $15
Photo by Burppler Jasmine Teo


Recommended by the aunty who took our order, the pork ribs turned out to be pretty good. It was effortless eating as the crunchy-on-the-outside, tender-everywhere-else pieces of pork were completely boneless. The salted egg sauce wasn't too salty either. As Goldilocks would put it, "it's just right".