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Red Grouper Fishboat

4 Reviews

The iconic restaurant on North Bridge Road has been serving up authentic Teochew-style fish steamboat since 1927, so you can be assured that these guys know what they're doing. For starters, they insist on using only charcoal-fired steamboats, and every batch of their signature fish soup is cooked for over five hours for maximum flavour as well as nourishment. There is a selection of fresh fish including pomfret and snapper, and the menu helpfully describes the texture and flavour of every option. If in doubt, go for the Red Grouper Fishboat (from $38 for small), which comes with generous chunks of firm, smooth and succulent grouper, along with plenty of greens and cubed yam. The charcoal fire adds a lovely depth to the flavour. If steamboat alone doesn't suffice, order zi char dishes like their popular Prawns in Golden Pumpkin Sauce (from $18.80 for small) and Butter Crayfish ($38 for medium). Pro tip: This original outlet is often packed. Head over to their second outlet on Owen Road if you're stuck in the queue.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Ice Blossom

Good. Fish was fresh and cooked just right. The steamboat was actually just vegetables and fish but it was simple and satisfying with a flavourful soupbase - strong salted fish and charcoal lingering taste. Hawker styled, it cost about S$45 for 2 pax.


[Premium Live Dragon Grouper Fishhead Steamboat S$38 (S) / S$48 (M) / S$68 (L)] which has a slightly different taste from our usual fishhead steamboat, plus a range of new dishes that are going to be launched soon, so you don't see them on the menu currently.
➊ [Claypot Drunken Rice Wine Clams S$15.80 (S) / S$20.80 (M)] ➋ [Stir-Fried Vegetables with dried shrimps & chye poh S$9.80 (S) / S$14.80 (M)] ➌ [Drunken Pork Ribs S$12.80 (S) / S$18.80 (M)] ➍ [Claypot Prawns with Glass Noodles S$7.80/100g]
➎ [Stir-Fried Sambal Sotong S$11.80 (S) / S$17.80 (M)] ➏ [Prawns with Golden Pumpkin Sauce S$18.80 (S) / S$28.80 (M)]