Egg Tarts (box of four)

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Original Egg Tart $2, Pandan Tart $2, Coconut Tart $2.70 from 𝗧𝗮𝗶 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗕𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿𝘆⠀

📍 Holland Village, Takashimaya B2, Novena Square 2 lvl 1, Raffles City B1, Holland Piazza B1, Bukit Panjang Plaza lvl 1 & JEM B1⠀

🥧 Tea time today with 𝗧𝗮𝗶 𝗖𝗵𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗕𝗮𝗸𝗲𝗿𝘆 signature egg tarts with a variety of their original Egg, Pandan & Coconut! Like what many says, this is one of our favourite egg tarts too! We love it’s super buttery, soft, flaky crusts, super irresistible. Egg custard were light, soft and smooth that melts in your mouth! Pandan flavours were delicious too, smells so fragrant and it’s such a singaporean taste. Coconut tart were very popular too, not too sweet and coconut is very fine too! Best tea time snacks with a cup of hot drinks on a cold day! ⠀

You can order for delivery to your doorstep:⠀
📲 You can also Call/WhatsApp 9828 1954 to place in-store takeaway orders⠀
(available at all outlets except Takashimaya & Terminal 3)⠀

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Egg tart 4.5/5
- love the buttery crust

Char siew pie 5/5
- crust and filling goes very well tgt
- crust wasnt too thick/ thin
- crust/ filling ratio is good

undisputedly the best egg tart in sg (in our opinion)!! the crust is super buttery & rich with a cookie like texture, and i loved the light touch of saltiness in the tarts when we tasted them piping hot.

the original one is the best out of the four without a doubt. the egg custard is super soft and smooth, and i esp loved the strong eggy taste and the wobbly texture which matched real well with the crust.

felt like the second best was a tie between the durian & pandan tart depending on when we had it. the durian tart had a super strong durian flavor and we could taste bits of the pulp with every mouthful. however it was somewhat regrettable that we couldn’t taste much of the cheese and the durian feeling was a tad too sweet.

the pandan tart smelled super fragrant - legit the only thing we could smell out of the whole box - but the taste fell a little flat. there wasn’t a distinct pandan taste and the custard didn’t quite set when we had it fresh out of the oven making it super difficult to hold and eat. but!!! our perception of it changed when we had another one the next day. after leaving it out for a night, we could finally taste the strong pandan flavor and for some reason, the tart shell was still buttery and crumbly.

as for the coconut tart, we didn’t like it at all? the coconut bits while fragrant was super dry and it just couldn’t live up to our expectations after we tried the other three first.

Omg so let me start off by saying that these egg tarts are absolutely wonderful!! ❤️❤️
I toasted these for about 10mins and even before then I could pick up the smell of these pastries. The crust is honestly the main focus of the tart and admittedly I will say that it is what makes this egg tart so special. The pastry crust was a combination of crumbly with a bit of crunch and the buttery flavour hits home. Surprisingly, if you eat the egg custard and the crust separately you’ll realise that the custard is mildly sweet, and most of the sweetness actlly comes from the crust. It is ideal in the sense that a toned down custard draws attention to the butter rich tart, but surprisingly the butter taste doesn’t overwhelm the custard, not distracting from the idea or flavours of what makes an egg tart.

Would I eat it again : HECK YES!! I swear if you’ve never tried this in Singapore you’re missing out in life

Still good. This time what jumped out to me was they seemed to have an added taste of roast, despite being baked, and it improved the tarts.

The Takashimaya one is nicer than the one at Raffles City. This one was from Raffles City and the filling is rather shallow.

I find that it was quite strong smell of pandan after buying at Tai Cheong Bakery @ Raffles City and most of people went queue for Tai Cheong Bakery @ Raffles City. I found its better than the original egg tart and I saw most of foodie account posted about the egg tart during circuit breaker period.

It is light and not cloying in the least. So unassumingly good that it makes me almost forget the price and want 5 more. Would definitely get this again. Even the non-coconut lovers in my family downed this as easily as the smooth, silky egg tart.

Price: $2.70

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Takeaway some chicken pie and egg tarts from @taicheongsg .
Both of it is my favourite - one savoury and one sweet :) the crust is the best part, crusty on the outside, and custard still remains smooth and creamy on the inside... .
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Do not give these treats from @taicheongsg a miss when you’re at @takashimayasg! ❤❤❤ The original Egg Tart ($2) is my ultimate all-time favourite -  freshly baked in-house daily, the buttery & crumbly crust encases a smooth yet firm egg custard that isn’t too sweet. 😋 The vibrant yellow simply screams EAT ME! 😍😍😍
If you have not tried the other pastries, you just got to as they are equally delightful! 👍🏻
🔹️Pandan Tart ($2) - a local spin-off from the signature egg tart, the irresistible fragrance of pandan infused in the egg custard was quite a winner! 💚💚💚
🔹️Coconut Tart ($2.65) - what an old-school treat! Featuring finely-grated coconut 🥥 that renders a nice juicy crunch, this makes a sweet treat! Topped with a bit of maraschino cherry for a pretty finishing touch. 🍒
🔹️Durian & Cheese Tart ($3.85) - fans of the King of Fruits would be pleased with this tart made with 💯 real durian fruit puree which boasts of the intense pungent-sweet flavours, slightly mellowed by the equally creamy cheese. LEGIT! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
🔹️Chicken Pie ($3) - if you’re a fan of savoury treats, you’re not left out! 👌🏻 The chicken pie filling was creamy & luscious with a hint of pepper, which compliments the buttery pastry with a slight tinge of sweetness. 😋
Complete your tea break with their Egg Tart set ($3.50) at @takashimayasg B2 Food Village! ✔ Comes with Hong Kong Milk Tea/Coffee/Yuan Yang, you can sip on your hot/cold beverage ☕ & savour their decadent egg tart leisurely! 😉

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