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Purple Sweet Potato Milky Snow Mountain

$9.90 · 4 Reviews

Yum yum!! Every element in this bowl went really well together, esp. the coconut ice cream with sweet potato. The grass Jelly hidden beneath was so soft and smooth too! I actually prefer this to Korean Bingsu.
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📍 Nice Day Taiwan Snow & Grass Jelly Dessert
Tiong Banru Plaza
Food Street, Unit 02-111A
Singapore 168732
Open daily 11am - 10.00pm

Every so often, we'll come across a bingsu that defies categories. The Purple Sweet Potato Milky Snow Mountain ($9.90) is one such dessert — buried beneath the mountain of bright purple snowy ice, nata de coco and red beans is a surprise centre: grass jelly! Expect the best of both worlds — Korean milky ice chiseled to snowy perfection, Taiwanese grass jelly, and mochi balls for some chewy goodness. Fancy something with a little less ice? The Gula Melaka and Soy Bean Curd Polo Ice ($6.80) might just be your thing — shovel beneath the small hill of shaved ice to reveal a heap of nata de coco, red beans and silky smooth soy beancurd. Located in Tiong Bahru Plaza at the new food wing, desserts here are at pocket-friendly prices — perfect for students looking to share a midday treat.
Avg price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Aub Keyou

Purple Sweet Potato Milky Snow Mountain ($9.90) Best combination grass jelly,red bean,coconut ice-cream and purple sweet potato.

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