Crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly

$18.00 · 5 Reviews

Flash-fried to bring out the best of the marbled Pork. 😋
The mustard here doesn't have the punch or kick, it's so mild that you might as well skip it. The flavour in the pork itself is outstanding enough to stand alone. Decent & taste exactly like what you expected. 🖖🏻


One of our favourites had to be the Hakka Crispy Kurobuta Pork Belly ($18). It was crisply fried on the outside while retaining the tenderness of the meat. It was really fragrant thanks to the marinade of fermented beancurd, Chinese wine and spices, and was enhanced further when paired with the wholegrain mustard on the side. Shiok! 👍🏼 #burpple #asian


That dipping sauce at the side tasted faintly of mustard(?). But I didn't really need that. The pork belly was already well marinated (with fermented beancurd, Chinese wine & fragrant spices according to the menu) and is flavourful on it's own. Crispy and not too fatty. Totally capable if stealing the show from the mains.

A suitable afternoon snack for this languid and ridiculously hot afternoon

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Then again, we all know that poets work better under the 'inspiration' of alcohol, so perhaps this is 李白's jekyll and Hyde moment?

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