24 Karat Brownie

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your favourite sweet tooth gal is back with another review from chalk farm. my friend ordered these 2 brownies and it was so amazing! a tad bit sweet and too gelat to finish but that’s why desserts are always meant for sharing (so you can eat a lot more variety). really love the nutty taste of the nutella rye brownies and the 24k karat brownie was divinely chocolatey!

Yup deserves to be called 24k, not only because of the gold layer(which i learnt recently that isn't very expensive due to the thinness of the layer). Really soft and fudgy texture(is it aerated abit?), with full on flavour and a hint of dark chocolate to finish, without the much bitterness or acidity. Very very good!


Dessert that taste as good as it looks. Every mouthful of chocolate was so thick, I could feel an imminent sore throat and thickened waistline. No ragrats 🖖🏼 grab it off the counter before the regrets weighs in people.

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This not only looked appealing because they are gold! But they tasted great. Having said that, some of you might find it rather sweet. Still an awesome experience!
Rating: 4/5
Worth the calories: I can’t really control myself over desserts. I guess I am partially influenced by my girlfriend choice of desserts which happens to be cakes.
Credit: @justin.kho

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Banana muscovado loaf with peanut butter cream and 24 Karat Brownie. Been loving their cakes since they opened a physical store a year ago. Moist and full of flavor. Yummy. Must try!!!

Found this, looks yummy, bought some & can't wait to try them now! #chalkfarm #paragon #cupcakes #brownies #dessert #foodporn #yummy #food #instafood #foodie #fotd #foodgram #sgfood #burpple