Banana Pie

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disappointed taste different. it was better years back and now priced has increased too

Stuffed bananas with a top layer of grated fried coconut sitting on a buttery flaky crust 😋😋😋 For $2.80 a slice, this is a cheap find for a sweet treat if you're in the area. Located at the basement of katong shopping centre, they usually sell out before their closing time, so it's best to come early to avoid disappointment.

5 pieces of freshly baked banana pie, for the early bird that gets the worm. Came out warm and the smell of bananas… CHEFS KISS!!!

Very nice and buttery crust. I will definitely get the pies if I near the vicinity.

heard it’s the best banana pies in sg so i had to try it! love how it’s not overly rich or sweet. the pie crust was firm yet crumbly at the same time and the buttery fragrance really complemented the sweet banana filling. also loved the added fragrance and texture from the coconut shavings and chopped nuts on top. truly a slice of goodness 🍌🥧

Banana Pie

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Superb banana pie that is not sweet and made of solid and fresh ingredients! Run by a sweet elderly couple. The flavours are simple and direct, banana, coconut and fragrant flaky crust. It grew on me despite having it on a full full stomach :)

Surprisingly there was no queue today when I arrived at 12.15pm on weekday. But they were out of chocolate tarts so I had to settle for just their famous banana pies which are always very nicely done.

Uncle looks like in his late 80s and with Katong Shopping Center up for en bloc, go and enjoy his pies and tarts while they are still available.

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After seeing this stall appearance a few time at Social Media, I decided to give it a try. The Banana pie ($2.50) is their signature.

I find that their crust is nice. The hand made their crust themselves and it is not overly sweet. However, I find that their Banana filling is ok and nothing to shout about. They put the whole banana and it can be gluey.

With their affordable price and delicious crust, it is good to patronise again.