Mud Pie

$5.90 · 4 Reviews

You may think of Island Creamery as that spot where students go to enjoy quality ice cream after school, but it is also a terrific spot to order a delightful ice cream cake from. The well-loved Mud Pie ($45 for whole cake, $5.90 a slice) features a trio of ReversO (chocolate), Cookies'n Cream and Burnt Caramel ice cream encased in a thin Oreo shell. Every bite of the oreo base, crumbs and ice cream somehow never gets too sweet, and won't fail to make you feel like a kid again. One Mud Pie can easily feed 10 to 12, plus if you order online, you can request the number of slices you'd like the cake to be cut in, making it easier to serve! This is one treat that's perfect for all ages.
*Unsliced whole cakes have to be ordered four days in advance
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Wei Zhi Chiang

Used to always visit the King Albert Park outlet whenever I had an ice cream craving but ever since KAP was demolished, I rarely had the chance to :( Finally got to have the mud pie! I really like the three different layers of ice cream and the crunchy top plus base. Too sinful but worth it.

My peers and I lovingly refer to this ice-cream parlour as Island, and it's where we regularly go for our ice-cream fix. The ice-cream is affordable and good (not icy and full of air) and I love the flavours! Some of my favourites are Apple Pie, Blackforest, Nutella, Milo Ping Pong (milo ice cream interspersed with mini marshmallows!) and Fresh Bananas! There's really nothing better than having one of Island's ice-cream cones after a long dreary class ;) The Apple Pie (a real pie) and Mud Pie here are also pretty good.