Mud Pie

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I’ll stick to their Mud pie which doesn’t disappoint. ($5.80 for double scoop) @islandcreamery
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Mud Pie
Cost: $5.90
Description: The mud pie contains chocolate, cookies and cream, burnt caramel ice cream with Oreo cookie crumbs
Service: efficient and helpful service staff who willingly helped to take photos for us
Ambience: Some might find the shop’s interior rather small and a little narrow but I suppose this adds to the cosy vibes of the place. As it’s a small shop, you might not be able to get seats inside. My friends and I had to sit outside which was not too bad either as they had ceiling fans!
Personal take: I personally love this mud pie so much! Brought my friends here to celebrate a friend’s birthday and they were amazed by how good it was too. Island creamery is definitely my go to place for mud pies.
If ever you are craving a dessert that is cake-like and yet icecream-ish, then get the mud pie. It is a perfect blend of neutral old school flavors that many will love and the cookie crumbs and chocolate borders provide a good texture contrast to the inner ice cream core.
4 of us shared this mud pie, which was just enough for us. But I definitely can wallop one whole mud pie on my own :)

Cookies and cream and chocolate mud pie. Gooey and good! Not worth to travel all the way here! Would rather have Sunday folks instead :)!

The bleeding chocolate mud pie! 😍 To kill off the bloody heat on a warm Sunday afternoon! ☀