Super Stacked Chocolate Cake

$7.90 Β· 9 Reviews

We got the Hei Ice Cream (single scoop for $4.90), the Chocolate Praline Cake ($9.90/slice) and the Super Stacked Chocolate Cake ($7.90/slice). SO GOOD. The ice-cream was perfectly creamy + very GAO, and the cakes were super moist and denseeee🀀 Apart from desserts, they also serve super good brunch foods as well! I would recommend their Mac & Cheese ($18). The portion is quite small but its soooo good. It comes with al-dente rigatoni and super thiccccc bacon omg. Their truffles fries ($13) are not bad as well, and it comes with truffle mayo by the side! But seriously come here for the Mac & Cheese, I can never get enough😭

Super stacked chocolate cake is the bomb. Must try & ask for the corner slice with more chocolate fudge!

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